Version 1

    It gives me great pleasure to announce, although somewhat belatedly, that NPM 12.5 is "Generally Available" as of June 6, 2019!


    NPM 12.5 Includes:

    • Network Insight for Palo Alto firewalls - Automatically discover and monitor all of your Palo Alto site-to-site VPN tunnels. View status and duration of tunnels, identified by peer IP. Tunnels that are up display the encryption and hashing algorithms that are protecting your data. For tunnels that are down, Network Insight for Palo Alto surfaces which phase failed to help speed up troubleshooting. Add tunnels to PerfStack for easy correlation against other metrics. NPM now also captures all GlobalProtect client connections, and lets you compare a user's session health to others connected around the same time for a quick indication to whether a problem is with the VPN service overall, or just the user and their laptop. Learn more in this product blog article which does a deep dive on the feature.
    • Orion Platform 2019.2
      • Orion Maps enhancements - Customize map layouts using the new map editor. Place Orion Maps on any dashboard or view using the Orion Map widget.
      • Node status improvements - Customize what should be reflected in a node status - the status of child entities, thresholds, or more.
      • Support for Azure SQL database
      • Lots of newly supported devices


    For more detailed information, check out the Network Performance Monitor 12.5 Release Notes!