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    See full agenda here New York, New York: July 10-11, 2019


    Day 1 - July 10, 2019Keynote:
    Tactics for Humans
    Learn what your job truly encompasses as an IT professional in this enlightening keynote. Pivot your thinking, leverage your relationships, and embrace your goals as we provide you with the tools and techniques to be the IT pro we all know you are.
    What’s New in Network Management?Learn about the latest and greatest features to keep your network healthy and performant. This session will cover Network Performance Monitor (NPM), Network Configuration Manager (NCM), NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA), IP Address Manager (IPAM), VoIP & Network Quality Manager (VNQM), and User Device Tracker (UDT).
    What’s New in Security Operations?Security threats are evolving, and so is SolarWinds security. In this session, we’ll look at the latest new products and releases in security along with what’s coming next, including Security Event Manager (SEM), Threat Monitor (TM), Access Rights Manager (ARM), and Patch Manager.
    The SolarWinds Development Life CycleLearn how PM and UX work together to develop products and features with you, our users, at the center of our process. Look behind the scenes at our process and how your feedback makes a difference.
    Network Management Deep DiveBring us your biggest challenges in network management. Gather around the campfire and share your stories. They can be horror, comedy, or drama. We’ll share our experiences, but we expect you tell your own tale. Marshmallows won’t be provided, but feel free to bring your own.
    Security Operations Deep DiveSecurity is the responsibility of everyone in IT. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the helpdesk, manning the NOC, or the CISO. In this discussion will reinforce how security should be top-of-mind for IT professionals and how you can get help wrangling your tough security needs.
    What Do You Think of This Widget?There’s so much data in your monitoring environment, sometimes it’s difficult to surface what’s most important for crafting custom dashboards. In this session, you’ll be introduced to the SolarWinds Orion API and how to craft your own resources using custom queries. If you are new to the API, then this is an excellent primer for the programmability session.
    Setting Up Orion for ProgrammabilityYou have a day job and odds are it’s not as a monitoring engineer. Monitoring is probably an “add-on” to your other job duties, so find out some of tricks of the trade that partners use to keep their monitoring running smoothly. This will include a deep dive into the SolarWinds Orion API, so bring your questions.
    Day 2 - July 11, 2019

    A Case for Learning to Make Your Case

    Everyone knows that monitoring is useful, valuable, and necessary. Don’t they? DON’T THEY?? In this day 2 kickoff, we look at how to make the case for monitoring, and why it’s important.
    What’s New in Systems Management?As a systems administrator, your role and environment are continuously changing, so we’ve made sure our IT Operations Management portfolio is evolving to meet your needs. We’ll cover latest releases of Server & Application Monitor (SAM), Virtualization Manager (VMAN), Storage Resource Monitor (SRM), and Database Performance Analyzer (DPA), as well as the newest additions to the portfolio: Log Analyzer (LA) and Server Configuration Monitor (SCM).
    What’s New in Application Management?Your users are no longer tethered to your data center infrastructure. They now work with SaaS applications, with cloud-based servers, and within containers, and typically, it’s without their knowledge. Where the applications run don’t matter as much as if and how well they run. We’ll show you how SolarWinds is helping you monitor applications in the “modern data center.”
    Monitoring at AEO: A Customer StoryDon’t worry, you aren’t the only one. Many of us have walked into a job where we are working with an inherited solution. THWACK MVP Ben Keen will share his story with you about how he helped American Eagle Outfitters better utilize and expand upon their monitoring which directly led to a bump in performance during “green week.”
    Systems Management Deep DiveWe’ll kick off with a small case of how managing your systems better can keep your infrastructure humming, but otherwise, this is your session. Bring us your tough cases and we’ll put the collective minds of the THWACK community to your aid. Expect your answers to come from anywhere: Head Geeks, SolarWinds staff, THWACK MVPs, or even the audience.
    Application Management Deep DiveIt’s unsettling to discover that high-profile, cloud-native tech you’re now responsible for, usually goes into production with a huge blind spot – little to no monitoring standards. In this deep-dive session, you’ll learn how to use SaaS APM tools when standard monitoring approaches of packaged applications and infrastructure disappear.
    SolarWinds AM(a)A“AM(a)A” = “Ask Me (almost) Anything”. Whether you have a burning question about the latest version; want to know how an arcane aspect of SolarWinds culture came to be; need to find out when a specific feature is going to appear; or just need to know who to talk to within the company to share an idea – this panel of SolarWinds employees is ready to answer (almost) any question you can think of.
    Tuning Your AlertsDid you just receive an alert that doesn’t need your attention? Why? We’ll be talking about the proper way to think about alerting in your environment. Not everything needs your immediate attention. Stop the onslaught of messages that take time and steal productivity. After all, if everything’s critical, then nothing’s critical.