Version 1

    Welcome to the IPAM RC forum where we will be able to collaborate and share our RC adventures with each other. We're not the only ones with a release though... the rest of the Network Management portfolio also has exciting features that will bring you the additional visibility and flexibility you've been craving. Please visit the below RC forums to learn more about Network Insights, IPv6 traffic support, CUBE monitoring, and more!


    In this IPAM release, we bring you the flexibility you've been asking for in the IP REQUEST FORM. Thanks to all of you who provided feedback provided!



    MAKE IT YOURS! You will now be able to customize your IP Request page by adding your own fields and specifying if they should be optional or required.



    TO ACCEPT OR DENY? It's your choice! You have the ability to approve/deny all IP Requests that come in from within the alert. Not only do you have "approve all"  or "deny all" power, you can even partially approve the request.


    NO SUBNETS SELECTED? NO PROBLEM! For those users who have don't know or have access to choose subnets, don't fret. You can select it for them from the same widget on the alert page. You can select the drop-down and scroll through the subnets or search.


    Like what you see? Upgrade to the latest version of IPAM by simply logging into your customer portal, download and install the software. The best way to provide feedback or request help during the RC is to post here in this forum. You can also file a ticket with Support just as you would for any other Generally Available (GA) version. I look forward to hearing about your upgrade experience and what you think of the new features we have implemented!