Version 16

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    Since “Home is Where your Data Is”, we're hard at work building a better Pingdom home for you. You’ve asked and we’re delivering. Here's what we're working on currently. We’d love to hear what you think:


    • Public Transaction Monitoring API - Support for Pingdom's Transaction Monitoring in our new public API. Includes reporting and CRUD functions.
    • Pingdom - AppOptics Integration via Trigger Trace - Pingdom tells you what issue happened with your web application from the client side and AppOptics tells you what happened from the server side (ie "why"). So Pingdom tells you what happened and AppOptics tells you why. This project connects the two products together for a seamless end to end troubleshooting experience - from the user all the way down to the logs via a single Trace ID.
    • Usability Improvements - Ease of use is in our DNA and we continue to make several usability improvements continuously. If you have any specific suggestions, we'd love to hear in the comments below.
    • Grouping Checks in Email Reports - This will be the first feature to leverage tags for Uptime checks so that users can dynamically add checks from reports by assigning a tag to them and sub select groups to include in email reports (a common customer request).
    • Adding Location in Alerts - This will include the probe server location that reported the downtime alert in the alert itself thereby making the alert more actionable and contextual for the alert recipient.


    As Always, if there is something you would like to see on our roadmap, please let us know just by commenting below. Also, let us know what you think of these features.