Version 4

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    The SolarWinds application management products have recently joined the THWACK community and we are pretty excited for Loggly to be here. The Loggly team has been working hard throughout the year on an ongoing stream of product updates to help you get more value from your Loggly deployment. Some of the most recent updates include:


    • New HAProxy, Rails, Node.js Preconfigured Dashboards that make it one-click easy to add common charts for these log types
    • A higher density view and the ability to scroll the event list view horizontally, so you can see more events in your browser
    • The ability to see who made changes to saved searches and alerts, so you can discuss these changes with your team

    The following are just some of the things you can expect to see in the months ahead.

    • Azure Integration
    • Volume Metrics for Log volume
    • Teams Integration for notification/alerting