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    See full agenda here: Atlanta, Georgia SWUG: March 6-7, 2019




    Day 1 Keynote: One SolarWinds

    Learn what your job truly encompasses as an IT professional in this enlightening keynote.  Pivot your thinking, leverage your relationships, and embrace your goals as we provide you with the tools and techniques to be the IT pro we all know you are.

    What’s New in Network Management

    Learn about the latest and greatest features to keep your network healthy and performant. This session will cover Network Performance Monitor (NPM), Network Configuration Manager (NCM), NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA), IP Address Manager (IPAM), VoIP & Network Quality Manager (VNQM), and User Device Tracker (UDT).

    What’s New in Systems Management

    As a systems administrator, your role and monitored environment is changing, so we’ve made sure our unified systems portfolio is evolving to meet your needs. We’ll cover latest releases of Server & Application Monitor (SAM), Virtualization Manger (VMAN), and Storage Resource Monitor (SRM), including some additions to the portfolio you’ve never seen before.

    What’s New in Security Operations

    Modern day cybersecurity threats are a challenge for any IT organization.  The ability to identify and handle security events quickly has a direct impact on your organization’s bottom line.  See how SolarWinds is bringing our focus in IT efficiency to this complex and ever-changing space.

    [Breakout Session]

    Choose your own [User Experience] Adventure

    Vote on the adventure you want: N00b users ask the experts (MVP users and SEs answer new users’ questions); Who are YOUR users (what does SolarWinds need to know about the users YOU serve?); or SolarWinds UX Kvetch (discuss and vote on top issues with efficiency & ease of use in SolarWinds).

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    Improving Government Compliance

    “Compliance” and “Audit” are two words that can strike feat in the heart of the IT professional.  But you don’t have to have the same level of worry.  Join us for a conversation about how SolarWinds solutions can ease this burden and turn a compliance report into just another checkbox on your task list.

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    Your Dashboards are Bad*

    “Making useful dashboards is easy,” was said by no one ever.  Join this session to get details on the questions, conversations, and steps necessary to make truly inspired dashboards, including the coveted details for the Executive Summary dashboard.

    Day 2 Keynote: A Case for Learning to Make your Case

    Everyone knows that monitoring is useful, valuable, and necessary. Don’t they? DON’T THEY?? In this day 2 kickoff, we look at how to make the case for monitoring, and why it’s important.

    Tuning your Alerts

    Did you just receive an alert that doesn’t need your attention?  Why?  We’ll be talking about the proper way to think about alerting in your environment.  Not everything needs your immediate attention.  Stop the onslaught of messages that don’t need your attention.  After all, if everything is critical, then nothing is critical.

    Open Spaces: Feature Requests Live

    Everyone knows that you can vote for feature requests for your favorite products on THWACK.  We’ve all put in a feature request or cast our ballots.  This time, things are different and yet the same.  Get your mind ready, your fingers poised, and get ready to join the room for a fast-paced, live, interactive feature request session.

    [Breakout Session]

    Introduction to the SolarWinds SDK

    The superpower of the SolarWinds Orion suite is its flexibility.  Join us for a conversation where we talk about a few ways you can leverage the SolarWinds API to take some of the burden off your shoulders and get you back to your day job.

    [Breakout Session]

    Report Lab Live

    You’ve been tasked with running that one report and you had no idea where to start.  Don’t feel alone, everyone has been there.  Instead of being at a loss, join our open and frank discussion about getting the most from the reporting system driven by questions from the room.

    [Breakout Session]

    Solving for Scalability

    This will be an open discussion, guided by SolarWinds staff, on all the options at your disposal when your enterprise environment keeps growing and your Orion deployment has to keep up; as well as when your Orion environment itself needs to scale up.