Version 2

    Did you upgrade to Dameware 12.1 and lose your remote hosts? Your remote hosts list became corrupted.


    Here is the fix we used to get them back:


    1. On the host server, go to C:\Program Files(x86)\SolarWinds\Dameware Central Server\_Backup… and find your DameWareDB.sdf backup file, copy it somewhere safe.
    2. Uninstall the Central Server
    3. Reinstall the Central Server, follow configuration wizard for a normal install.
    4. Launch the Admin console, then close it.
    5. Stop the Dameware service.
    6. Replace the new DameWareDB.sdf with your backup.
    7. Restart the Dameware service.
    8. Launch the Admin console and verify your original data is present.


    If interested in upgrading to 12.1 and you wish to avoid losing your remote hosts list, follow the same procedure, except that you will be copying the DameWareDB.sdf file from C:\Program Files(x86)\SolarWinds\Dameware Central Server instead of the _backup folder.


    Eric Lupkes

    Desktop Tech at Tanana Chiefs Conference

    Fairbanks, AK