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    DEAR VMAN: how to trigger an alert for VMOTION please? Thank you. -- NEEDS VMOTION VISIBILITY


    alert for VMOTION


    DEAR NEEDS VMOTION VISIBILITY:  Virtualization Manager (VMAN) provides 20 out of the box Virtual Machine targeted alert definitions that give you the blueprint to creating your own custom alerts for your environment.


    The original answer to NEEDS VMOTION VISIBILITY's question involved using one of these alert definitions to be targeted against one of our collected attributes: vm.osuptime or another of your choosing.

    While this worked, as automation becomes the norm, vMotions occur faster than ever. Folks like NEEDS VMOTION VISIBILITY are going to need faster notifications that vMotions are occurring and possibly thrashing due to unexpected conflicts of configuration. Now with VMAN 8.4, this is fulfilled with our VMware Event Monitoring Overview support.


    Step 1: Click My Dashboards and click into the VMware Events Log Viewer


    Step 2: Check to see if any vMotion events have occurred over the last hour by typing 'vmotion' into the search box.

    If there are no vMotion events found, you may need to change the timeframe to one that you know a vMotion occurred.

    Looking across the last 24 hours, it looks like I've got vMotions occurring at 3 times during the day for my vCenter. (*Note that the top level graph that shows occurrences of events is only available with a paid license of Log Analyzer (Formerly Log Manager) , but with a standalone VMAN install, you would still have access to the filters and search capabilities)

    Step 3: Look at the event details by clicking on the arrow in the event row.


    Take a closer look at the details here, because you can create an alert on any of those fields.

    Event Details

    2/12/2019 12:32:15 PM

    Migration of DENCLIENT02v from to and resource pool Resources in Denver, CO: vMotion interface 'vss:Management Network' on the Destination host '' does not have the recommended capacity (full duplex / 1000 Mbps) to properly support vMotion.

    Source Time

    2/12/2019 12:32:13 PM






    VMware Inc.


    Machine Type

    VMware vCenter Server


    Log Type

    VMware Events


















    Step 4: Start configuring your rules, click 'Configure Rules' in the upper right hand corner of the page.

    I am going to expand out VMware Events to handle this VMware event with a specific log processing rule. Click 'Create New Rule' to walk through the wizard.

    Set whether you want this to apply only to one particular vCenter or all the VMware data sources that you are currently monitoring.

    I've chosen to do so based on the type of data source - 'VMware vCenter Server'

    You can choose to fire this rule based off the specific EventType

    or even a more generic rule set where you look for 'vmotion' in the message

    Set any additional actions, like tagging for easy tracking later or forwarding to other computers, but most importantly, set up an alert to be fired.

    I've chosen to tag this as a vMotion event and create a VMAN vMotion Alert

    Step 5: Review your rule and save!

    You are now set up with a real time vMotion alert for your system. As soon as a vMotion occurs on your system you're going to know about it immediately.