Version 1

    From my post this morning: Using PowerShell and the API to clean-up down volumes and find new volumes for those devices.

    mikegale mentioned I should upload it, to share it with the world.


    So please find my PowerShell script that does the following:


    1. Find the down Volumes with a bit of SWQL

    2. Remove these volumes using the API

    3. Create URLs for each NodeID (found with down volumes) to open the 'List Resources' in a internet browser, with auto-refresh, so that you can manually select the volumes.

        (As you can't do this via the API yet.)


    Relies on having Chrome installed, to change chrome.exe to delete the Stat-Process chrome.exe line and un-comment the iexplorer.exe line.

    The SELECT statement is limited to the first 10 down volumes, this limits the script to opening 10 List Resources at a time.

    You may want to increase or decrease this number.


    Please ensure that you test this, somewhere safe, as I wouldn't want you to break anything.