Version 4

    I'm pleased to announce my 'Solarwinds Orion Colourising Kit' to Thwack, a GUI that allows you customise the look of your Orion pages and share the results with others by exporting/importing your projects:

    In brief, I've categorised graphical components into logical groups which can be individually included/excluded. Each component has a dropdown, radio button or colour box where you can make your choices. To change the colour click the required colour box then select from the picker popup. Hit 'go go go', clear your browser cache then refresh the page and it's done in a flash. Whats-more, it does all this without making any changes to the original code other than adding a few lines of css, simply making your browser override the out of the box design locally using the ‘!important’ tag.


    For those of you who've been asking for my Dark Theme, I’ve made this the default setup so if you like the look, simply hit the ‘Go Go Go’ button without making any changes.


    I hope you find the tool useful! Please give it a go and let me know your thoughts, suggestions, questions etc and share your best project exports here.


    Now I really must go study for that Cisco exam!...


    nb. It was tested on Server 2016, Powershell v5, .net v4 and the latest build of Orion.


    MAJOR UPDATE: The tool is now a webapp hosted at Gsock NG v0.0.1


    Sample Orion template made using the tool:

    nb. for those who don't want to use the tool, I explain how to make the changes manually on another post: Dark Theme In a Day

    GsockNG.url (122 bytes) Download