Version 1

    With the release of the Database Performance Analyzer 12.1 and the Management API, I have started developing a PowerShell module called PSDPA. The module is now available through the PowerShell Gallery and GitHub. I would still consider this release a "beta" release, as not everything has been implemented and not everything has been tested. If you have ideas on additional features - feel free to submit a GitHub issue. Pull requests are also welcome!



    • PowerShell 5.x
    • PSFramework PowerShell Module
    • DPA 12.1 and an API Refresh Token



    if (-not (Get-Module PSFramework -ListAvailable)) { Install-Module PSFramework }

    Install-Module PSDPA



    Set-DpaConfig -BaseUri 'http://yourserver:8123/iwc/api' -RefreshToken 'yourrefreshtoken'



    PowerShell Gallery



    Practical Examples

    # add an annotation to all servers after patching

    Get-DpaMonitor | Add-DpaAnnotation -Title "Patching" -Description "Operating system patching"


    # reboot a server, but make sure to stop/start DPA on the instance before so we don't get alerts

    Stop-DpaMonitor -MonitorName "MyServer"

    Restart-Computer -ComputerName "MyServer"

    Start-DpaMonitor -MonitorName "MyServer"