Version 2

    NOTE: This report is meant to be an EXAMPLE, not a ready-for-production asset.


    First, it mimics the "All Alerts" resource by including an "AcknowledgeIt" link which will let you acknowledge any item on the list.

    Second, it includes a custom property - "Importance" to show that you can include custom fields and use them for sorting

    Third (and finally), it includes a clickable node-name simply to show that this can be done as a technique


    There is a detailed how-to-series on the techniques used to create this report:

    Part 1: Advanced Reporting Part 1: Re-Creating the "All Alerts" Resource With Extras

    Part 2: Advanced Reporting part 2: Making Web-Based Reports Do Your Bidding

    part 3: Advanced Alert Reporting part 3: Hyperlinks in Data Output

    Part 4: Coming soon