Version 11

    NPM 12.5 has shipped and we're hard at work building the next release! Here's what we're excited to be working on:



    • UI Performance Optimizations - In coordination with the Orion Platform Team, we're finally addressing our largest complaint in the last 10 years: user interface performance. A large portion of the development efforts for this release are devoted to improving page load performance on the Orion web interface! This effort is platform-wide, and NPM is making some specific contributions.
    • Improved Device Support - We're building additional support for commonly requested vendors.
    • Localization Improvements - We're improving German and Japanese localization and adding support for Japanese character polling.


    Orion Platform

    • UI Performance Optimizations - Faster and more responsive web UI.
    • Orion Maps Improvements - Faster and easier to build large maps.
    • Support for Azure SQL Managed Instance – Using Azure SQL Managed Instance as the repository for Orion’s SQL database, extending work done in the previous release.
    • SolarWinds Service Desk (SSD) Integration - We're adding support for integration with SSD, formerly known as Samanage. For more info, check out the SSD blog.


    Love it?  Hate it?  Want to be involved in early mockup and prototype reviews?  Let me know below!