Version 3

    I'm delighted to announce that Log & Event Manager 6.6 is now available. Moving away from Flash® remains a top priority for Log & Event Manager. This release includes further progress in our migration towards a new HTML5 interface.


    Log Filtering: The LEM Events Console included with LEM 6.4 marked our first step in moving away from Flash. The Events Console is designed so you can interact with your log data easily and quickly. Given the large amount of data that our users send to LEM, filtering is vitally important in order to quickly identify unusual activity or events of interest. LEM 6.6 includes a brand-new query builder than enables you to build and manage your log filters via the Events Console. LEM's drag-and-drop functionality remains, along with the ability to build filters via a drop-down menu if preferred:



    Node Management: This release also includes the ability to manage your LEM nodes within our new HTML5 UI. You can add new devices, as well as manage existing LEM devices from the Node Management page. You can also search and filter on nodes and manage connectors associated with each agent node.



    In order to access the HTML5 interface you can browse directly to 'http://<your-lem-ip>/webui' or via the 'Visit LEM Events Console' link on the top right of the Flash console.


    The team is already hard at work on the next version of LEM, as you can see covered here in the What We're Working On post. Also, please keep the feedback coming on what you think and what you would like to see in the product in the Feature Requests section of the forum.