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    Microsoft Office 365 Group Statistics

    This template shows information about Office 365 Exchange group statistics.

    The following Component Monitors are included:

    • Groups
    • Empty Groups
    • Groups Accepting External Mail



    • Install-Module -Name AzureAD
    • Connect-AzureAD
    • Install-Module -Name MSOnline
    • Check the following article for prerequisites:



    • The user should have SAM Administrator permissions
    • Office 365 account with global administrator privileges.



    • Group
      • This component reports the number of groups configured
      • Unit: Number
    • Empty Group
      • This component reports on the empty groups that are configured in users environment.
      • Unit: Number
    • Groups Accepting External Mail
      • This component reports on the groups that are configured to accept external email.
      • Unit: Number


    Troubleshooting steps

    Detail troubleshooting steps (common for template)

    • Use UPN format (username@domain) and not domain\username format to enter credentials. Also, a service account for Exchange Web Services is recommended to avoid authentication issues when passwords are updated.


    Detail troubleshooting steps (specific for components)

    Make sure the machine where the Monitors execute i.e Powershell Scripts, the Azure-AD and MSOnline is installed and connected.


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