Version 7

    Access Rights Manager continues to evolve. Here is a view of what we are working on:


    • FIPS-compatible encryption. All communication between client, server, and web server will be encrypted using FIPS compliant cryptographic modules.


    • Two Factor Authentication.


    • User provisioning
      • Microsoft O365. Create users, mailboxes and user licenses via templates.
      • Microsoft One Drive. Request access.
      • Microsoft SharePoint Online. Request access.


    • Monitoring & Alerting
      • Microsoft Azure AD. Audit activities.
      • Microsoft AD.
        • Audit GPO changes.
        • Create user/group alerts on containers.
      • Add Syslog support for alerting.


    • SAP R/3. Manage basic role membership in SAP.


    • Official platform support for…
      • Microsoft Exchange Server 2019
      • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019


    • Usability improvements around the initial installation and configuration process.