Version 1

    I am pleased to announce general availability of LEM 6.5, which introduces the ability to forward raw log data to other applications and support for LEM on Azure. If you are a customer on active maintenance, this is now available in your customer portal. If you are not an existing customer and interested in downloading a 30-day evaluation, you can do so here. This release includes the following features:


    • Log Forwarding: LEM now includes the ability to forward raw log data from both syslog and agent devices. This log data can be forwarded to any application including SIEM and log management tools which support syslog ingestion. Both RFC3164 and RFC5424 syslog formats are supported. You can view the steps to enable log forwarding here.


    • Azure Deployment: LEM 6.5 provides greater flexibility on where you deploy your LEM appliance thanks to official support for deployment on Microsoft Azure. You can now deploy LEM in the cloud and transmit both your on-premises and cloud based log data to LEM.


    For more information on this release, please see the LEM 6.5 Release Notes


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