Version 11

    Virtualization Manager (VMAN) 8.3 is now available, on the Customer Portal!  The release notes are a great place to get an overview of the release at a glance including deprecation notices and bug fixes.


    New Features in VMAN 8.3

    • Troubleshooting VMware® vSAN software-defined storage is now easier than ever before, with monitored data seamlessly integrated into AppStack, PerfStack, and default out-of-the-box views.
    • Next generation Orion Maps has been upgraded to include support for datastores, vSAN (of course), and easy access to Virtualization Manager recommendations.
    • Starting to include containers in your hybrid virtualization environment? VMAN has you covered with basic container monitoring for Docker®, Kubernetes®, and Mesos®.
    • Support for custom properties is included for virtual machines, hosts, datastores, and clusters, allowing you to tailor your views, alerts, and reports to show the most important entities.


    Orion Maps Deep Dive

    I highly recommend that you look at this excellent post by jblankjblank that documents in depth the changes to Orion maps contained in this version of VMAN.

    Those of you who were up to date on VMAN 8.2.1 will have become familiar with the first version of Orion Maps, but there have been incredible updates to maps and I look forward to hearing your reactions to the improvements.


    What's Next?

    Don't see what you are looking for here? Check out the WHAT WE'RE WORKING ON FOR VIRTUALIZATION MANAGER (UPDATED NOVEMBER, 2019) post for what our dedicated team of virtualization nerds and code jockeys are already looking at. If you don't see everything you've been wishing for there, add it to the Virtualization Manager Feature Requests


    This version of VMAN is compatible with the legacy VMAN 8.1 appliance, however all of the newly available features are only on VMAN on Orion. If you are using the appliance on your production VMAN installation, I would recommend that you consider retiring the appliance at your earliest convenience to reap all of the benefits of the new features we are developing for VMAN on Orion. If you cannot retire the appliance for any reason, I'm very interested in your feedback and reasons, and would love to see them listed out in the comments below.