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    This article provides quick & basic steps  how you can troubleshoot Solarwinds application in case of failure "SYSTEM DOWN" situation .


    This article will cover following key points and more .


    Quick fast resolution and isolation of your System Down issues

    Server in isolated environment / Unable to send diagnostic to Solarwinds or WebEx session not allowed

    Faster response from Solarwinds Tech Support Center

    Performance and Health Check / Resolving Performance issues

    Tips and Tricks opening up Support Ticket with Solarwinds


    Common System Down Situations

    Orion Web Console is Down

    Orion Polling is Down

    Orion Services flapping

    Orion Server is not responding

    Orion Web console loading with Errors

    Orion Server Disk is filling up quickly


    Orion Services flapping

    Orion Services Manager  If you have noticed any service is flapping / Unable to start follow the steps.

                                                                Check free disk space on  Orion Server & SQL server

                                                                Check if you are using SQL Express Edition which have 10 Gig limit

                                                                Disable antivirus

                                                        Clear C:\Windows\Temp  folder

                                                                Reboot the System (If there is any pending for Windows update )  and check the Services are backup UP

                                                               Check if there is any other user is not logged on to the Orion Server > Task Manager > Users (Log off them)

                                                        Logon to the Orion Server with Local Administrator account (NOT WITH DOMAIN ADMIN)

                                                        Then repair the Solarwinds Orion Core Service & Configuration Wizard as below


              1. Log in to Orion NPM Server as a Windows Local Administrator.
              2. Click Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features.
              3. Right-click SolarWinds Orion Core Services, and select Repair.
                After the repair, the Configuration Wizard will launched.

                                                  Complete the Configuration Wizard just clicking NEXT & YES options

                                                                 Note that configuring the website might take a few minutes.

                                                                 Complete the above steps and then check the Services are backup again ?

    Please Note: Evaluation period is expired (Syslog & Traps ) services will not Start.


    Important Note: While Running the Configuration Wizard > Keep opening the Orion Service Manager > Make Sure all Orion Services keep on  STOPPED state .

    If you noticed any service is Flapping during the Configuration Wizard hit the "Shutdown Everything" on the Orion Service Console until you see the Configuration Wizard reached to Configuring Website portion


    Important Note:

    While running the Configuration Wizard Open the Task Manager > Make sure the CPU and Memory is stable and have not reached up to 100% utilization for longer time period specially when the Solarwinds Services will be started by the Configuration Wizard in the last stage.


                                                                     Failure Situations :

                                                                              Orion Service repaired failure refused to repair

                                                                     Configuration Wizard failed to connect to the Orion SQL Server

                                                                     Configuration Wizard failed with Database Configuration Failure Error

                                                                     Configuration Wizard failure with Website configuration failure

                                                                                    Configuration Wizard failed with website failure ? Please use the below KB post

                                                                                    Rebuild the Orion Website - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support


                                                                                              Still have Error

                                                                                              Search in the Solarwinds Success Center

                                                                                              Success Center - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support



                                                                       Success Situation :

                                                                                    Configuration Completed Successfully and all Orion Services are back online

                                                                                              Wait for 10 main

                                                                                              Verify through log file . Open the below log file scroll to the bottom .


                                                                                                   Last line will show you about service status.

                                                                                                   INFO  SolarWinds.BusinessLayerHost.BusinessLayerHostService - All plugins started

                                                                                            Success but System performance issues ?

                                                                                High CPU / Website Performance issues please check the KB post.

                                                                                Tweaking performance of Windows Server on Orion Platform products - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

                                                                               My Orion Website & Server is very slow / CPU & Memory Spike /Polling gaps what should i check quickly ?


    Orion Service logs.

    Orion logs are always available under this location (ProgramData is system hidden )





    For Example :

    Orion JobEngine is Flapping and Unable to Start .

    Open this log file below . (Scroll down to the bottom of the file and check what type of Error you have while this Service failure)


    Solarwinds Information Service V3


    Solarwinds Recommendation Service is flapping


    SolarWinds Cortex Service flapping


    Configuration Wizard logs




    Tips and Tricks opening up Support Ticket with Solarwinds.

    Always provide details / Screen shots Or you can upload a Small Video recording about the application behavior where its needed.


    Lets Start .

    Open up MS word document

    Add all screen shots of your issue in the world document and add some description on each of them

    If you have any service flapping issue

                        Take a screen shot of the Orion Service Manager with Service Flapping

                        Take Screen shot of Task Manager each Tab

                        If you have  any Error with Configuration Wizard failure take screen shot

                        If your web console is working go to the > Settings > All Settings > Polling Engines (Take Screen shot)


    Please must answer these questions


    • Time and date issue first occurred
    • Describe Any changes at that time the you may have done

                        Provide details when this issue occurred  changes are been made any Windows update / HF Upgrade

    • In depth description of your issue
    • Include references to screenshots and exactly what happens when the issue occurs in world document
    • Troubleshooting steps taken:
    • Include all the troubleshooting steps you’ve taken for this issue.
    • Have you tried search the Error issue n the Solarwinds Success Center
    • Please provide the KB link which you have already tried
    • Please make sure you have listed everything you have tried.
    • Please add bullet point  steps you have taken and in what order
    • Is there Interesting errors:
    • Include any interesting log errors you found
    • Steps to reproduce:
    • If this is reproducible (even intermittently), note the exact steps taken to reproduce the issue in world document
    • Your direct line phone number
    • Your City Location
    • Your working shift / TimeZone



    Now Collect your Solarwinds Diagnostics

    Open Support Ticket

    Ticket Subject : Always add the Error in the Subject what you have in the screen shots / or in the Service Logs .

    Now attach the Word Document with the ticket

    Once Done .

    Upload the diagnostic with the ticket number you have received.

    Reply to the ticket email that you have uploaded the Diagnostics

    Job Done.