Version 2

    Hello ipMonitor fans!  We are looking for your feedback!  There has been a bit of radio silence around the product from the SolarWinds team, and we are looking to change that.  We are currently working on some updates that we know are needed, and planning out the future road-map.  As in all products at SolarWinds we focus our designs based on solving problems for you.  This is your chance to have input and help shape the future of ipMonitor.


    We would love to hear from you, and are happy to offer 3000 Thwack points for those users who are willing to jump on a call.  On the call we want to see how you are using ipMonitor today, and what you would like to see improved in future releases.  The points give you access to lots of cool SolarWinds SWAG, but more importantly, allows us to understand your needs, what you like, and what you don't like about a product that is critical to your daily responsibilities.  If you can't jump on a call, please still feel free to share your feedback below as we know everyone is always busy and we appreciate any input you can share.  We look forward to hearing from you!