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    So for those of you who run heavily customized environments you may have noticed that the new maps view only gets added to the default node details view.  I wrote this script that looks through all the views, figures out which ones could have a Maps tab and clones it in for you.  All you need to do is run the below powershell on your Orion server under a Windows account with view customizing permissions and in 2 seconds it will add the maps tab to all your custom versions of the details views.  I've tested it pretty extensively in my lab but as always take a backup of your db before you run any scripts and let me know if you get any unexpected results.




    <#------------- CONNECT TO SWIS -------------#>

    # load the snappin if it's not already loaded (step 1)

    if (!(Get-PSSnapin | Where-Object { $_.Name -eq "SwisSnapin" })) {

        Add-PSSnapin "SwisSnapin"



    #define host, credentials, and sql connection string


    $hostname = 'localhost'

    #$user = "user"

    #$password = "pass"

    # create a connection to the SolarWinds API

    #$swis = connect-swis -host $hostname -username $user -password $password -ignoresslerrors

    $swis = Connect-Swis -Hostname $hostname -Trusted



    <#------------- ACTUAL SCRIPT -------------#>



    # get list of all views types with a map option

    $viewkeys = get-swisdata $swis "SELECT distinct ViewKey FROM Orion.Views where viewtitle = 'map' and viewkey like '%StaticSubview' "


    foreach ($viewkey in $viewkeys)


    "Working on $viewkey"


            #get the viewgroup to use for our parent clone

    $mapviewgroup = get-swisdata $swis "select top 1 viewgroup from orion.views where viewkey = '$viewkey'"


            #this will be the viewid of the parent of our clones

    $cloneviewparent = get-swisdata $swis "select viewid, uri from orion.views where viewgroup = '$mapviewgroup' and viewkey = '$viewkey'"

    " View to clone is $($cloneviewparent.viewid)"


    #get the correct viewkey

    $viewkeytoadd = get-swisdata $swis "select viewkey from orion.views where viewgroup = '$mapviewgroup' and (viewgroupposition = 1 or viewgroupposition is null)"


    #find any instances of that viewtype that don't already have a map

    $viewgrouptoadd = get-swisdata $swis "select viewgroup, viewgroupname, viewkey, viewtype, viewgroupposition from orion.views where viewkey = '$viewkeytoadd' and viewgroup not in (select viewgroup from orion.views where viewkey like '$viewkey%')"

    "Number of view groups to clone into is $($viewgrouptoadd.viewgroup.count)"


    foreach ($vg in $viewgrouptoadd.viewgroup )


    $vieworder = get-swisdata $swis "select viewgroupname, max(viewgroupposition)+1 as position from orion.views where viewgroup = '$vg' group by viewgroupname "

    "  Cloning map to $($vieworder.viewgroupname) position $($vieworder.position)"


                   $newview = Invoke-SwisVerb $swis Orion.Views CloneView @($cloneviewparent.viewid , "Map")

    "   New Viewid is $($newview.'#text')"

    $newviewuri = get-swisdata $swis " select uri from orion.views where viewid = $($newview.'#text')"

    "   New view Uri is $newviewuri"

    Set-SwisObject $swis -Uri "$newviewuri" -Properties @{"ViewGroupName"="$($vieworder.viewgroupname)"; “ViewGroup” = "$vg"; "ViewGroupPosition"="$($vieworder.position)" }







    -Marc Netterfield

        Loop1 Systems: SolarWinds Training and Professional Services