Version 8

    We’re excited to announce that Server Configuration Monitor (SCM) 1.0 is now available! Take a look at the release notes for additional information on all the new features. Below you will see some of the features we are working for future releases.


    • Near real-time change detection and determining the “who”. In 1.0 we are able to detect file changes on a polled basis, and this enhancement will enable us to get changes in near real-time along with the “who” made the change.
    • Linux support: SCM 1.0 is Windows® focused, but we want to add the ability for another platform integration, namely Linux®.  Vote SCM for Linux/Unix Systems
    • Additional configuration profile support: Included in SCM 1.0 is a profile for Microsoft® IIS, on top of hardware, software, registry, and files, but we want to add more out-of-the-box profiles for other applications, such as Microsoft Active Directory®, Office 365®, Exchange, and SQL Server®.
    • Support for Powershell scripts: Build powershell scripts, distribute to your agents, and monitor for changes in the output over time.


    If there’s something you’d like to see on our roadmap, please reach out to us with the feature you’d like included, or let us know if you’d like to see one of the aforementioned feature requests. Vote for an existing feature request.


    Available Beta and RC releases:

    • None