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    Hi All,


    I am sharing my experience on some key point while you are doing OS migration from any version to any.

    Here i did OS migration from 2008 to 2012 with running Solarwinds module (SAM, NCM, NPM , SRM, VNMQ, UDT)


    OS Migration steps :-


    there are two steps for OS migration -

    > In Place OS migration - here you will run the OS setup in existing running machine.


    > Side by Side steps for OS migration - here you will build the new VM in parallel to existing infra and then upgrade the OS,


    Now i am going to perform the Side by Side steps for OS migration


    *****************However, you are running any steps for OS migration but you should keep in mind that you have below details ready, So that you can import these setting into new OS migrated server**************************.


    > Backup of your DB.

    > Check your customized code configuration in application level.

    > Solarwinds monitoring Account Details (service monitoring account, Local admin account for installation or etc, All these account should be configured in newly created VM)

    > Unamange Utility details (Job, Task and Task scheduler list )

    • You can export the all task scheduler job from task scheduler window
    • Take a backup of Job and task folder from man poller sever (C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\UnmanageUtility)

    >Syslog and Traps rule / action alert details should be documented, however In DB we have details and it will be auto sync from DB.

    >Report Folder backup and All created scheduler details with Report name.

    >Most Important is, take a backup of your archived config backup (NCM Archive folder) folder from all Poller (Main or additional poller),

    >De-Activate the License from existing poller (follow the link - Orion License key migration into new build Orion server )


    @ if you are using the NCM and save the NCM config Job output in shared folder, then you should enable the NCM shared setting.


    Setting - NCM Setting - Advance setting - Network Share setting - you can use your local acount or domain admin account



    *********************Now VM Level Work***************************************

    > Unjoin the your OLD poller VM From Domain

    >Shutdown the all your VM (Poller)

    >Create the new VM (All VM should be ready with 2012 OS before your activity without hostname and IP address).

    > De-attach the OLD VM from network

    > Use the same Hostname and Ip address for new VM and then join the domain.

    > Now your all VM ready with 2012 OS with existing hostname and Ip address.


    *****************************Install the same Module which were installed in your previous infra*************************************

    Actually solarwinds support 1st migrate your infra in new created VM with your existing module then you can upgrade .

    As you did the OS migration and then you will install the same module in new created VM.


    Download the all same module from customer portal.

    > install the all module with local account privileged in all poller.



    *********************************Import the same above Key highlighted Point in new OS migrated poller and activate the license from saved license file*************************************************