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    I have some great news. Over the last few months we have been busy working on several features, that you asked for. Our What Are We Working on for Web Help Desk (WHD) - Updated January, 2020 document mentions features like Archive request type functionality and Reporting on Clients. Both these features are now available in this Beta release.

    Consider an admin who has a request type setup in WHD specifically to handle tickets from their internal Exchange system, however they've recently migrated to Office 365. In doing so, to separate tickets about two systems, they setup an Office 365 specific request type. In WHD today, if the user wishes to keep the RT for historical reasons, and also prevent users from accidently making tickets for that type (which may no longer be viewed), they would rename it to draw attention. So for example, an RT named 'Exchange/Email' may be branded 'zExchange/Email-DoNotUse'. This gives a well worded note + it drops it to the bottom of some alphabetical lists. Of course, for users that need to retire multiple requests types, this becomes a large and confusing list.

    In the v12.6 Beta1 release, the user would simply mark the request type as 'archived'. With this step, clients would no longer see the request type as an option to log a ticket against, however it would be accessible to Admins for reporting or viewing old details.

    For regular techs, the now archived request type can be viewed in FAQs for example, however a NEW FAQ for this request type could not be made.

    Of course, the archived request type action can be reversed should a mistake have been made. Simply uncheck the same box.




    Beta feedback is one of the key avenues we use to inform and adjust what we're building so that it fits your need and your environment.  We'll take feedback anytime we can get it, but now is the best time to provide feedback that will impact the product.

    To get access to the beta, you need to be a customer on active maintenance for WHD and sign up here.  To share feedback, please post on the WHD Beta forum.


    WHD Team