Version 2

    CAB file with required meta-data to allow Patch Manager to download and install the SolarWinds Backup Agent, version 18.2 (current as of March 20, 2018).


    Download and import into your SPM deployment, this package will require you to modify the command line arguments to match the UID of your backup deployment!


    To find the appropriate UID in the Backup console, consult these steps:


    Click on the "Add" button


    Select the "Automatic Deployment" option.  If you need to specify a profile, do so now.


    The UID will be displayed as part of the command line arguments, and consist of a number of hex digits in hyphen separated groups

    Now that you have the UID (and maybe a profile), you'll need to put that information into the Patch Manager package.


    I recommend that you start by duplicating the imported catalog and renaming it to distinguish it from the initial version, especially if you're deploying multiple profiles.


    Edit the package, and click "Next" until you reach this screen, and modify the command line arguments so they match the string from your Backups console.



    Save your package, publish and distribute as normal.


    Note: This package uses a particular registry value to determine if the install was successful, located at "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Backup Manager\DisplayVersion," and looks for a particular value.  As of March 21, 2018, that value is  If you're using this catalog after March 21 and the agent has updated, you may need to modify the success check with a new version number.  You'd make that change on the "Installed Rules" screen that is part of the package editing wizard.