Version 2

    Firewall Security Technical Implementation Guide - Cisco  Version: 8:  Release: 25:  26 Jan 2018





    Thank you for choosing this document.  You will need to supply vendor specific CLI or Regular expression statements for these checks.


    You will need to create TWO Custom Properties for your Devices.


    Name the first column "C1_DeviceType" and include the following drop-down selections:

    L2SW  -  Layer 2 Switches

    IL3S  -  Infrastructure Layer 3 Switches

    IRTR  -  Infrastructure Routers

    PL3S  -  Perimeter Layer 3 Switches

    PRTR  -  Perimeter Routers

    XE    -  IOS-XE Routers

    F5 - F5 Load Balancers

    FW - Firewall SRG Devices

    IPSEC - IPSEC VPN Devices

    SRX - Juniper SRX Devices

    IDPS - Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems


    Name the second custom property "C2_OS" and include the following drop-down selections:

    OSXE  -  To support IOS and IOS-XE devices

    NXOS  -  To support Nexus OS

    ASA   -  To support ASA OS

    IOSXE  -  To support IOS-XE Routers

    F5 - To support F5 Big IP Load Balancers

    FW - To support Firewall SRG devices

    VPN - To support VPN specific STIGs

    SRG - To support SRG Type Documentation

    SRX - To support SRX Device Management


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