Version 1

    There are plenty of other features / applications/ and modules in SolarWinds besides just Kiwi that make it difficult to be a silent admin hoping that "Red Tape" changes will go unnoticed, but is just one those things to consider as a network admin to avoid getting egg on your face.

    It's the middle of the day, you have tickets you want to complete, but your company says no network changes are allowed during the day.  You (possibly a new network admin) think,  eh it's just this little change, who is going to even notice? You proceed with your change.  Minutes later your boss is behind you wanting to have, "..a talk". Oh crap, she does she know??? They're watching.  They're always watching....well not them personally,  but likely the SolarWinds Kiwi Syslog Server that is specifically bread to collect and even email a person or distribution list of people on this type of activity (if the network gear was configured to send over the data of course) .  Don't let this happen to you! Happy Admining everyone