Version 2

    Someone asked for a node up report and I came up with this one.  The person asked for the ability to search for vendor as well as node name and IP address.  And duration in a easy to read format.



    n.Caption AS [Node Name]

    ,DetailsUrl AS [_LinkFor_Node Name]

    ,'/Orion/images/StatusIcons/Small-' + StatusIcon AS [_IconFor_Node Name]

    ,n.IP_Address as IP_Address

    ,DetailsUrl AS [_LinkFor_IP_Address]

    ,'/NetPerfMon/Images/Vendors/' + n.VendorIcon as [_IconFor_IP_Address]

    ,tostring(tolocal(n.LastBoot)) as LastBoot

    ,CONCAT(HOURDIFF(tolocal(n.LastBoot),getdate())/24,' Day(s) ',

            HOURDIFF(tolocal(n.LastBoot),getdate())-(HOURDIFF(tolocal(n.LastBoot),getdate())/24)*24,'h ',

            MINUTEDIFF(tolocal(n.LastBoot),getdate())-(MINUTEDIFF(tolocal(n.LastBoot),getdate())/60)*60,'m') AS Duration

    FROM Orion.Nodes n

    WHERE n.LastBoot IS NOT NULL


    (n.caption like '%${SEARCH_STRING}%'

    or n.ip_address like '%${SEARCH_STRING}%'

    or n.vendor like '%${SEARCH_STRING}%')

    ORDER BY MINUTEDIFF(tolocal(n.LastBoot),getdate())  desc