Version 1

    We have our IPAM configured to scan for new devices every day, and this report shows what those changes are.  We have it configured to email the report every morning after the scans are completed.


    Good Luck!



    IPAM_IPHistoryReport.IPAddress AS IP_Address,

    IPAM_GroupReportView.FriendlyName AS Display_Name,

    IPAM_NodeReportView.sysName AS System_Name,

    IPAM_NodeReportView.Description AS Description,

    IPAM_IPHistoryReport."Time" AS Time,

    IPAM_IPHistoryReport.FromValue AS From_Value,

    IPAM_IPHistoryReport.IntoValue AS Into_Value,

    IPAM_NodeReportView.Comments AS Comments


    FROM (IPAM_GroupReportView INNER JOIN IPAM_NodeReportView ON (IPAM_GroupReportView.GroupId = IPAM_NodeReportView.SubnetId))  INNER JOIN IPAM_IPHistoryReport ON (IPAM_NodeReportView.IPNodeId = IPAM_IPHistoryReport.IPNodeId)


    WHERE (

    (IPAM_IPHistoryReport."Time" BETWEEN GETDATE() - 1  AND GETDATE())


    ORDER by TIME desc