Version 1

    I needed a UDT searchable resource similar to the port details



    There is a sql view which has all of the information, but the view is not in SWQL.  A simple matter of looking at the design of the view and converting it to swql did the job.



    select DISTINCT

    1. n.Caption as [Device]

    ,n.DetailsUrl as [_LINKFOR_Device]

    ,'/Orion/images/StatusIcons/Small-' + n.StatusIcon AS [_IconFor_Device]

    , as [Port]

    ,p.StatusLED as [_IconFor_Port]

    ,p.DetailsUrl as [_LinkFor_Port]

    --, p.Description as [Port Name]

    ,dns.DNSName as [Host Name],ip.IPAddress

    ,e.MACAddress as [MAC]

    ,'/NetPerfMon/images/Vendors/' + ISNULL(v.Icon, 'Unknown.gif') AS [_IconFor_MAC]

    ,case p2e.VlanID when 0 then null else p2e.VlanID end as [VLAN]

    --,n.NodeID, p.PortID, p2e.ConnectionType, p2e.FirstSeen

    ,CASE [p2e].ConnectionType WHEN 1 THEN 'D' WHEN 2 THEN 'I' ELSE 'U' END AS ConnType

    --,ISNULL(m.Vendor, m.Organization) AS MACVendor

    from Orion.Nodes n

    inner join Orion.UDT.Port as p on p.NodeID=n.NodeID and p.Flag <>1

    inner join Orion.UDT.PortToEndpointCurrent as p2e on p2e.PortID = p.PortID

    inner join Orion.UDT.Endpoint as e on e.EndpointID = p2e.EndpointID

    left OUTER JOIN Orion.UDT.IPAddressCurrent as ip on ip.EndpointID = e.EndpointID

    left OUTER join Orion.UDT.DNSNameCurrent as dns on dns.IPAddress = ip.IPAddress

    left outer join Orion.MacPrefixes as m on m.MacPrefix = SUBSTRING(e.MACAddress,1,6)

    left outer join Orion.Vendors as v on = m.Vendor

    where n.Caption like '%${SEARCH_STRING}%'  or dns.DNSName like '%${SEARCH_STRING}%'  or ip.IPAddress like '%${SEARCH_STRING}%'  or e.MACAddress like '%${SEARCH_STRING}%'

    order by [Device]