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    The AppInsight for Microsoft Exchange template is amazing, it gives you almost all the information you need from your mailboxes, however, there is just one little thing that doesn’t give, the total delivery queue length. Why is that? Basically, because AppInsight for Exchange is a template that has to be assigned to Exchange servers with the mailbox role, whereas delivery queue is a metric available on the Hub Transport servers.


    Why is this metric so important? This metric (or group of metrics) will tell you how many items are in the mailbox queue to be sent. So this is a very important part of your exchange server that you certainly should be monitoring.


    At Prosperon Networks, we have created the following template that can be monitored along with the AppInsight template on all those Exchange servers with the Hub Transport role. This template will give you information on the following queues:

    • Active Mailbox Delivery Queue
    • Active Non-Smtp Delivery Queue
    • Active Remote Delivery Queue
    • Aggregate Delivery Queue (All Queues)
    • Largest Delivery Queue
    • Poison Queue
    • Retry Mailbox Delivery Queue
    • Retry Non-Smtp Delivery Queue
    • Retry Remote Delivery Queue
    • Submission Queue
    • Unreachable Queue


    NOTE: there is an existing out-of-the-box template similar to this one in SolarWinds, the main difference between the two is that this one contains more queues.


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    Raul Gonzalez

    Prosperon - UK SolarWinds Partners

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