Version 1

    The build-in LUN by performance is nice, but it's not showing me all the info I need to see.


    This will show me the same metrics plus the ArrayName and anything else I need.



    SELECT lun.Caption as [LUNname]

    ,lun.DetailsUrl as [_LINKFOR_LUNname]

    ,'/Orion/SRM/Images/StatusIcons/LUN_icon_'+s.StatusName+'.png' as [_ICONFOR_LUNname]

    ,lun.StorageArray.Name as [ArrayName]

    ,lun.StorageArray.DetailsUrl as [_LINKFOR_ArrayName]

    ,'/Orion/SRM/Images/StatusIcons/Arrays_icon_'+ss.StatusName+'.png' as [_ICONFOR_ArrayName]

    ,lun.Pools.Caption as [Pool]

    ,lun.Pools.DetailsUrl as [_LINKFOR_Pool]

    ,'/Orion/SRM/Images/StatusIcons/Storage_Pools_icon_'+sss.StatusName+'.png' as [_ICONFOR_Pool]

    ,round(lun.IOPSTotal,0) as [IOPS]

    ,tostring(ROUND(lun.IOLatencyTotal,0))+' ms' as [Latancy]

    ,tostring(round(lun.BytesPSTotal/1024/1024,2))+' MB' as [Throughput]

    FROM Orion.SRM.LUNs lun

    join Orion.StatusInfo s on s.StatusId=lun.Status

    join Orion.StatusInfo ss on ss.StatusId=lun.StorageArray.Status

    join Orion.StatusInfo sss on sss.StatusId=lun.Pools.Status

    order by [IOPS] desc