Version 4

    SolarWinds Storage Performance Monitor is a free tool, that allows users to monitor storage arrays from Dell EMC, NetApp, IBM, and PureStorage. It provides information about the array’s basic metrics, such as IOPS and Throughput.

    Installation requirements



    Operating System

    Windows 8, 8.1, 10

    Windows Server 2012 R2

    Windows Server 2016


    .NET 4.5

    Additional software (Storage Performance Monitor will automatically install these on 1st run if not available)

    Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable (x86)


    Download and run the tool for the first time

    1. Download the SolarWinds Storage Performance Monitor here:
    2. Unzip it.
    3. Run StoragePerformanceMonitor.exe
    4. Accept the terms of the license agreement.
    5. The installation wizard will then check, if all the installation requirements are met. If Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable (x86) is missing, it will install it. You’ll see a message saying: “Preparing Application for first use.”

    Configure your global settings

    By clicking the Setting button in the top-right corner of the application, you’ll be able to:

    1. Set your default polling and discovery intervals
    2. Set global thresholds for Pools, LUNs, or NAS Volumes
      1. Each metric has warning and critical threshold empty out-of-the box
    3. Enable Desktop Notifications – if enabled, desktop notifications will pop up (metric exceeded threshold / cannot connect to array, …) when the application is running in the background
    4. Show Only Most Recent Notifications – if enabled, notifications for the same metric on the same array will be overwritten by latest one
    5. Write Notifications to Windows Event Viewer – when enabled, application will write every notification into Event Viewer, SW SPM log

    6. Start with Windows – when enabled, application will start automatically as soon as user logs in

    Add Storage Array

    Storage Performance Monitor will let you add any array from the following list:

    • Dell EMC Isilon
    • Dell EMC Unity
    • Dell EMC VNX / CLARiiON
    • Dell EqualLogic PS Series
    • IBM DS-8000
    • IBM FlashSystem A9000
    • IBM FlashSystem V7000/v3700
    • NetApp AFF series
    • NetApp ONTAP
    • PureStorage

    In order to add a storage array, click the “Add Storage Array” button in the top left corner of the application, select the preferred array type and provide connection details.

    Once the array is successfully added, Storage Performance Monitor will automatically run discovery and a 1st poll (get IOPS and Throughput data from the array).


    Edit server alias

    By clicking the vertical ellipsis button in the list of monitored arrays, you can edit/delete Storage Array from monitoring. By clicking the Edit button, you have an option to edit the alias used by Storage Performance Monitor or edit the credentials used to connect to the array.


    Local thresholds

    Storage Performance monitor lets you define thresholds for each Pool, LUN or NAS separately. When you first add the array to Storage Performance monitor, global settings will be applied to all Pools, LUNs or NAS Volumes. You might wish to change thresholds on some of the metrics for example. All these local (per entity) settings are available via the vertical ellipsis button:



    SolarWinds Storage Performance Monitor has a notifications dropdown, where it stores all events happening on your monitored arrays.


    Event types:

    • Metric exceeded warning threshold
    • Metric exceeded critical threshold
    • Could not connect to the array
    • Topology change (added/removed LUN, NAS, Pool)