Version 1
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    Node Status Summary Resource/Widget.  To create:


    1) Edit the Summary Page you are on

    2) Add Widget --> Custom Query

    3) Save the page

    4) Edit the Custom Query Resource/Widget

    5) Change the name to "Node Status Summary", and use the following query:

    select case Status

    when 1 then 'UP'

    when 2 then 'DOWN'

    when 3 then 'WARNING'

    when 11 then 'External'

    when 14 then 'Critical'

    else 'Other' end as Current_State,

    Count(Status) as Number

    from Orion.Nodes group by Status order by Status

    6) Submit, and voila! You should have something similar to the picture posted here.


    I will work on making this prettier if I can later.  I'll edit this post if/when I do.