Version 1

    Welcome to the RC (Release Candidate) upgrade guide, where we reveal the exciting changes in the installer that will make your RC experience superior to any that you've had in the past. I'm extremely pleased to show you this installer, as it is proof to our continued commitment to reduce your upgrade downtime.

    For those of you who upgraded to SAM 6.4, you have already seen our first steps into installer improvements via the updated scalability engines installer. With that update we ensured that with one installer, you could install an APE, AWS or HA backup, without even needing an external internet connection.


    When you go to your customer portal, you'll see that one or more of your product(s) are flagged as having an RC available for download.


    Customer Portal - Product Flagged as having RC available
    Hover over the RC flag and click to download


    Clicking download, you will see two options:

    • Online installation - this installer will quickly download from customer portal as it's only a 44MB file.
      • Running this on a machine requires internet access.
      • Using this option guarantees that you have an installer that is up to date with the latest optimizations and fixes available for the installer and for product at run time.
      • This installer is the most efficient, as it will only download what it needs, and not anything more.
    • Offline installation
      • This option is necessary for a machine that does not have internet access.
      • It comes pre-packed with everything you should need for a large combination of dependencies and product.


    Click 'Choose download'


    Running the installer, is when you're going to start to see some of the magic that comes along with this update to our install process.


    But wait, I downloaded NPM, how does the installer know about these other products?


    Surprised? Don't be, this is a long overdue overhaul. We first tried to help with the extremely complex upgrade process by providing in depth expert tools like


    But, it was clear that we needed to do more and do better by you. We've combined the power of all of those expert tools into the installer to allow you to use one single consolidated installer to upgrade your entire system. You only need one, and it will upgrade your entire environment to the latest and greatest of all products. Hotfixes? Yes. It's supported, and we'll get you there. Didn't know or missed a thwack post about the latest RC1 for NCM? Don't worry about it, we've got you covered.


    In the screenshot above, I've run this NPM RC1 installer on my system that had NCM, SRM, SAM & Engineer's Web Toolset installed. My SAM & Engineer's Web Toolset were already up to the latest, so you can see that no action is needed, and they are both listed in the Installed Products section. Because I'm in active maintenance, and my non-expired license is active on this system, the installer is smart enough to know that I'm entitled to participate and get the bits for NPM RC1, NCM RC1 & SRM RC1. These are listed under the Products to upgrade section and you can see the current version and hotfix status of each of these installed products, as well as the version they're about to be upgraded to. Essentially, the algorithm developed for the product upgrade advisor was harnessed and married to the installer context, to provide you the best guidance on what versions you should be upgrade to.


    This installer will support a direct upgrade from these minimum product versions to the RC that you are participating in.

    • Engineer's Web Toolset (ETS) 11.0
    • IP Address Manager (IPAM) 4.5
    • Network Configuration Manager (NCM) 7.5.1
    • Network Performance Monitor (NPM) 12.0
    • NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA) 4.2
    • Patch Manager (PM) 2.1.3
    • Server & Application Monitor (SAM) 6.2.4
    • Storage Resource Monitor (SRM) 6.2
    • User Device Tracker (UDT) 3.2.4
    • Virtualization Manager (VMAN) 6.3
    • VoIP and Network Quality Manager (VNQM) 4.2
    • Web Performance Monitor (WPM) 2.1


    If you are on an older version than the listed versions above, you'll have to grab the appropriate installer to step upgrade to the minimum required versions. However, as I said earlier, we've harnessed the power of the product upgrade advisor, so upon clicking next, we'll give you additional guidance on which versions you should grab and use for your step upgrade to the minimum required version.

    Psst! Are you a non-English speaker? You can utilize the integrated Google Translate option to make the installer language more comfortable for you! This only applies to the installer, and not to the product installation itself.

    Clicking Next will start our System Checks


    This is where we engage the power of our active diagnostics tool to run all the necessary system checks to make sure you're ready to go for a successful upgrade experience. If you have to do any step upgrades, the resulting screen will also show you the upgrade path.


    Click "View required upgrade path" to see the upgrade path guidance provided


    If everything is ready for your upgrade, you'll breeze past the System Check results page, and go straight to our EULA. However, if you had tried to upgrade on your APE server for instance, then you would be blocked from proceeding with a similar check to the one shown below.


    We'll stop you from accidentally breaking your system


    Each of these checks should have applicable links to the vast array of troubleshooting resources that we provide on the customer success center (Success Center - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support).

    After accepting the EULA, you're off to the races.


    Downloading & installing all the necessary componentsInstallation complete, and loading up the configuration wizard



    At this point, follow your normal process through the configuration wizard and you're done! Upgrade complete. You have now installed 3 products with one installer, one run of the configuration wizard, and you've verified that your system is healthy, and up to date on all the latest hotfixes. Now, since you've saved so much time on the upgrade, you have plenty of time to explore the amazing features that we've got in store for you with this release candidate. I hope you've enjoyed this RC upgrade walk through, please let me know how your upgrade experience was for you!