Version 6

    Hey, all, admitted N00B here.


    I wanted to write this for anyone (n00b or otherwise) who is having this issue.  In full disclosure, I have only been working in Orion for a few months so I was excited when I was able to fix a problem on my own.  The symptom is that, in map views, certain Cisco devices were showing up as "Unknown" in the Description column:



    SNMP v2c was enabled and working so I was perplexed as to root cause.  I connected TELNET to the device and did a sh snmp and saw that packets were being sent and received.  Also, another oddity was that when I clicked on the device and opened up Node Details, several fields had bizarre dates on them (today is August 30th, 2017):



    So, here is what I found to be the solution:


    1. In Node Details, under Management, click List Resources

    2. When the list of available resources comes up, check Hardware Health Sensors; CPU & Memory; Topology Layer 2 and Topology Layer 3 and click the Submit button at the bottom.

    3. Under Management, click Rediscover


    It will take a few minutes for the information to populate in the Node Details screen but once it does, voila!  You have your node under control.


    Now, I'm sure that someone has figured this out already and written a document on it and if I'm being redundant, I apologize.  And it might be that you don't have to do all the steps in the Resource Discovery.  But with the enormity of Orion, to be able to solve an issue like this was, for me at least, nothing short of monumental!  Not that I'm looking for kudos, mind you, just wanting to help folks who might be having the same issue.  If anyone has comments on improving this process, please submit.  I'm a big believer in CANI - Constant And Never-ending Improvement!


    Happy geeking!