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    If you are one of the ones that is using the WorldWide map feature in SolarWinds, I’m sure it feels bittersweet for you. Sweet because it is a cool feature that allows you to see geographically where your devices are, but also bitter because it is not so easy to place the devices in the map, and it is still a manual process.


    I know that there is the option to automatic geolocate devices based on the field ‘location’ available in SNMP, with the following KB detailing how to use this, but:

    • who is using that field properly?
    • what happens with the rest of the devices? Say devices monitored using WMI, Agent or even ICMP


    There is also a way to import coordinates within the GUI of Orion, but this is a manual process, which would need to be performed regularly in order to keep objects on the map up to date.


    That’s why in Prosperon Networks we have created a SQL script that will set the coordinates of the devices based on the value of a custom property. This script can be scheduled to be run every day, or any other frequency that you might consider in order to place any new device on the map.


    There are just a few prerequisites in order to use this script properly:

    • Create a custom property named Site
    • Assign the correct Site to each device
    • Modify the SQL script adding your locations and the coordinates of those locations in Site: Add more locations just by adding more options on each case.
    • Create a job in SQL to run this script every day



    We can use IP addresses instead of the custom property site if you wish. The script would look like


    When IP_address like ‘192.168.% then 50.813104

    When IP_address like ‘172.16.1.% then 41.429853



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