Version 5

    This report breaks down the PlaybackCommands column in the SEUM_RecordingSteps table.


    It then displays the number and total duration of user defined wait periods. This information is then list by player location, by transaction and by transaction step.


    This report was created to get an honest and accurate picture of the amount of user defined idle time that a transaction was spending on a SEUM worker process.


    (8/11/2017 : Fixed a logic error that inflated total waits on the player location level and inaccurately display total waits by step.)

    (8/21/2017 : Included new column for verification waits for 'by step' and included in by transaction and by player totals.)

    (8/30/2017 : Removed author's report restriction. Included 'Verify' action waits into total wait times and number of waits.)