Simple Disk Usage Report

Version 2

    This is a simple report that displays GBs used, capacity and % usage for all logical drives because the built-ins weren't quite right. Requires that the volumes be licensed but doesn't use any SAM licenses.



    Datasource is this custom SQL query:


    SELECT n.Caption, d.DeviceID, d.VolumeName, CAST(ROUND(d.FreeSpaceB * 0.000000001, 2) AS DECIMAL(10,2)) AS 'FreeSpace', CAST(ROUND(d.CapacityB * 0.000000001, 2) AS DECIMAL(10,2)) AS 'Capacity', CAST(ROUND(((d.CapacityB- d.FreeSpaceB) * 0.000000001) / (d.CapacityB * 0.000000001) * 100, 0) AS INT) AS 'PercentInUse'
    FROM AssetInventory_LogicalDrive d INNER JOIN Nodes n
        on d.NodeID= n.NodeID
    ORDER BY PercentInUse DESC