Version 1

    In this Beta, we have a hidden feature for you to check out. To enable this

    1. Navigate to http://<ipaddress>/Orion/Admin/AdvancedConfiguration/Global.aspx
    2. Locate the setting SwSearch and check the checkbox
    3. Save
    4. Navigate to the Recommendations page http://<ipaddress>/ui/recommendations/current


    Please be aware! Most of the settings on this page are tied to things that we don't claim official support for and are in various stages of development. In addition, anything that you might find on this page may be hooked up to items that are possible ideas but are not guaranteed to show up in any future version of the product. Use these settings only as directed by a Product Manager or a Support technician.



    Find SwSearch



    Is that Search I see?


    In this Beta, you will not see the global search in the navigation for all pages, so feel free to play around with this starting from the Recommendations page. In addition, you can navigate to http://<ipaddress>/ui/search


    Before we walk through this, please be aware for those of you who tried out the Global Search Technical Preview - Notes & Info, this is a different beast all together. It does not have the same functionality as the technical preview, but is definitely a welcome addition to the platform. Also this is very much a work in progress (see the section on limitations below), but we know you're excited about search so I've added it to this beta to get as much early user feedback as possible.


    In the example I've outlined below, you can see that this VMAN installation has 2 VMware vCenter Servers. I've chose to search on "tex" to discover what is available. By typing in "tex", you can see that we are searching on the display name of the entity and have found a multiple of results on the system. For anything that has a details page, you can click on the entity and it will take you to that related details page.


    Search for "tex"



    Limitations of this Beta Version

    This is a beta, so there are some known limitations of this version that you should be aware of. Don't worry, we're making progress on these as fast as we can!

    • Currently unable to search on anything other than display name or IP address.
    • Double scrollbar when changing the number of items per page (Simply scroll down)
    • Placeholder "Dummy Warning" in the row that is non-functional


    Search Results


    Thank you for participating in this Beta! After checking out the new search, I'm very interested in know what your favorite searches are. What did you search on? What worked? What didn't work? What did you really wish for when you were using the search? As our favorite user researcher meech would say, "If you were King/Queen for a day, what would you change?"