Version 2

    In the NPM 12.1 release notes, you may have seen something interesting at the bottom:

    Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 10.05.03 AM.png


    In this release, you'll see a preview of that new, enhanced version that we alluded to.


    To refresh your memory here's what the old Active Alerts resource looks like today.


    Active Alerts ResourceEdit Resource for Active Alerts
    Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 10.26.23 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-06-20 at 10.26.38 AM.png


    In this release, you have the ability to add the new and improved active alerts widget onto your views.


    1. Edit the pencil to enter Customize Page mode
    2. Open the widget drawer by clicking Add Widgets
    3. In the Group By control select Type and Alerts
    4. Drag the All Alerts widget to your view



    All Alerts Widget



    Depending on the alerts that are available on your system you could see either of these 3 variations with anywhere to 1 - 3 status filters at the top of the widget.


    3 Status Filters



    These status filters are clickable. Toggling them on or off will filter the set of alerts that are shown.

    Not TogglesToggled


    If you hover over an alert that was triggered on a node, you'll notice a new type of popover that is interactive. Do you see what is different?


    Interactive Popover


    You guessed it, we've given you quick access to some common commands on the node. What do you think? Is this the right set of commands or should we be considering other types of commands?



    Relating to actions, you're probably wondering - wait, how do I acknowledge this alert from this widget?


    Acknowledge and Mute the Entity right at your fingertipsClicking Acknowledge


    If you've set the widget to show Acknowledged alerts, you'll be able to see the note attached and the person who acknowledged it


    John Doe has acknowledged this alert


    Also, please do play around in the Edit for this widget. This particular widget will not navigate you to a new page (as the old one did). Instead you'll see a new popup.


    Edit Settings


    No, we do not have true data filtering in this version of the Active Alerts widget. But you can see the foundation for some basic data filtering in this example.


    Basic Data Filtering


    Over the last few releases we've introduced a lot of UI changes. There have been a few pieces of feedback from users like you that we took note of immediately.

    • Not enough contrast for the alerts widget on NOC views
    • Loss of information density
    • Want to be able to hide elements to maximize the view-able content.
    • Lack of integration with other features


    The answers to these pieces of feedback can be seen in this re-design of the active alerts widget.


    Not Enough Contrast


    We increased the color contrast of the alerts widget to make sure that you'd be able to walk by your NOC view and see anything that's down at a glance.


    Loss of Information Density


    The padding for the alerts widget list rows was narrowed and we tried to ensure that we packed as much information as possible into each row.


    Maximize View-able Content

         A picture is worth a thousand words.


    Toggle off Hide all the things




    In NPM 12.1 the popular ability to mute alerts by nodes was introduced. See NPM 12.1 Release Notes - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support for reference. We wanted to support and highlight this feature.  As you already see in this release, there's a quick action to mute the node included in the active alerts widget.


    Not only that, we wanted to integrate a bit more with our EOC solution. Check out a sneak peek of how we would support the integration - I've highlighted what you would see.



    This is a small addition to the platform, but I do feel that this functionality displays some of the best qualities of SolarWinds. We are constantly listening to your feedback, and will be integrating it into even the smallest of our projects. I hope you enjoy this small update, and will send me feedback on how you like it.