Version 9
    Currently supported connectors are:


    AVG 7.5 Network
    AVG DataCenter 7.5
    AVG DataCenter 8.0
    Bromium vSentry
    Command Antivirus for Windows
    Command for Exchange Server
    CrowdStrike Falcon
    Cylance Next Generation Anti-Virus
    eEye Blink Professional Endpoint Protection
    ESET NOD32 Syslog
    ESET Remote Administrator
    F-Secure Anti-Virus 7
    F-Secure Policy Manager Server 10
    F-Secure syslog
    Forefront Endpoint Protection
    Forefront Security Application Log (Client Security, Exchange and Sharepoint)
    Forefront Security SQL Database
    Forefront Security System Log (Client Security)
    Group Shield/Outbreak for Exchange Server
    InoculateIT 7.0+
    InoculateIT v6
    Kaspersky Administration Kit 8
    Kaspersky Administration Kit 8 - Extended
    Kaspersky Anti-Virus 10
    Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6
    Kaspersky events via Windows Event Log
    Kaspersky Security Center
    Kaspersky Security Center - Extended
    McAfee Access Protection
    McAfee Activity Log (4.5 DAT File update)
    McAfee Mail Scan
    McAfee NetShield
    McAfee On Access Scan v7.0
    McAfee Total Protection
    McAfee Update v7.0
    McAfee VSC
    McAfee VSH 5.0/7.0
    McAfee VSH 80i
    McAfee VSH 85i
    McAfee VSH Home
    McAfee Web Email Scan
    Microsoft Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET)
    Microsoft Security Essentials
    NOD Antivirus 4 Access Event
    NOD Antivirus 4 Access Scan
    NOD Antivirus 4 Access Threat
    NOD Antivirus 4 SQL Event
    NOD Antivirus 4 SQL Scan
    NOD Antivirus 4 SQL Threat
    NOD Antivirus 5 Access Event
    NOD Antivirus 5 Access Scan
    NOD Antivirus 5 SQL Event
    NOD Antivirus 5 SQL Firewall
    NOD Antivirus 5 SQL Scan
    NOD Antivirus 5 SQL Threat
    Palo Alto Advanced Endpoint Protection Traps
    Panda Security for Desktops 4.02
    Sophos Anti-Virus for Win2k
    Sophos Anti-Virus SNMP
    Sophos Central Cloud Endpoint Protection
    Sophos Enterprise 2.0 Database
    Sophos Enterprise 3.0 Database
    Sybari's Antigen 7.0 for Exchange Server 2000
    Symantec Corp Antivirus
    Symantec Endpoint Protection 11
    Symantec Endpoint Protection 11
    Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition
    Symantec Protection Engine
    Trend IMSS
    Trend IMSS Policy
    Trend IMSS Virus
    Trend InterScan
    Trend Office Scan
    Trend Micro Control Manager
    Trend ScanMail
    Trend Server Protect
    VIPRE 5.0
    VIPRE Business - System Events 4.0
    VIPRE Business 4.0
    VIPRE Enterprise 3.1
    Webroot Antispyware Corporate Edition
    Windows Defender
    Application.NET Sylog Client
    Application and Services Logs - CertificateServicesClient-Lifecycle-System
    Application and Services Logs - CertificateServicesClient-Lifecycle-User
    Atlassian Bitbucket
    Atlassian JIRA
    Blue Eye Video Management
    Bomgar Appliance
    BST Enterprises
    Bunyan Admin/DS Logging
    Cimcor CimTrak
    Cron Service
    Dameware Remote Administration
    DAX Monitor - Demand AnalytX Monitor
    DB2 Diag Local File - Non Syslog
    Dell AppAssure
    Directory Synchronization
    FactoryTalk View
    Flex Teller
    GE PowerON Reliance/XA21
    Hitachi JP1
    Honeyd Virtual Honeypot
    Hyper-V Hypervisor - Operational
    Hyper-V Integration - Admin
    Hyper-V SynthNic - Admin
    Hyper-V VMMS - Admin
    Hyper-V VMMS - Networking
    Hyper-V VMMS - Operational
    Hyper-V Worker - Admin
    IBM RACF and DB2 Syslog
    IBM RACF Messages
    Jboss Logging
    Linux YUM
    Luminis Access
    Luminis CP
    Made2Manage ERP
    Manage Engine Password Manager Pro
    Meditech EMR Access Log
    Microsoft Lync
    Microsoft Powershell 5.0
    Microsoft Windows AppLocker - EXE and DLL
    Microsoft Windows AppLocker - MSI & Script
    OnBase Enterprise Information Platform
    OracleFM Hyperion
    Oracle Weblogic 12c
    Print Services for Windows 7/2008 (Admin)
    Print Services for Windows 7/2008 (Operational)
    QCSI Application Log Data
    QCSI Data Logs
    QCSI System Logs
    Quest Rapid Recovery
    Salient Commerical Solutions
    Salient Commerical Solutions
    Savant Protection
    Savant Protection
    SecureEnvoy Secure Access
    Sourceforge Denyhosts Log
    Subnet Power System
    Symantec Protection Engine
    Sysinternals Sysmon
    Verint Systems
    VMware vCenter 6.0+ VPXD Logs
    Wescom Resources Groups Host Gateway Windows Log
    Windows Active Directory Federation Services
    Windows DHCP Server 2000/2003/2008 event Log (Admin)
    WindowsDHCP Server 2000/2003/2008 event Log (Operational)
    Application SwitchCisco Content Services Switch
    Citrix Secure Acess Gateway Enterprise Appliance/Netscaler
    ConSentry Controller
    Coyote Point Equalizer
    F5 BigIP BSD Daemon Messages
    F5 BigIP HTTPD specific
    F5 BigIP Messages
    F5 General BIG-IP Specific Messages
    Nortel Alteon
    Radware AppDirector
    CustomGE PowerOn Reliance/XA21
    WRQ Reflection Console Capture
    Data Loss PreventionBit9 Parity v5+ Syslog
    CodeGreen Content Inspection
    CodeGreen Content Inspection User
    DeviceLock Audit
    DeviceLock Events
    EMC RecoverPoint
    Forcepoint Triton AP-Data
    Microsoft Data Protection Manager
    Microsoft Windows Backup
    NuBridges Protect  Token Manager Engine
    NuBridges Protect Key Manager
    NuBridges Protect Resource Service
    SecureSphere Database Gateway 6.0
    SecureSphere System and Firewall Events 6.0
    SecureSphere v10
    SecureSphere Web Application Firewall 6.0
    Veeam Endpoint Backup
    Vericept Monitor
    Websense Data Security
    DatabaseIBM DB2 Messages
    LOGbinder SQL
    MSSQL 2000 Application Log
    Microsoft SQL Server Audit
    MySQL Windows Error Log
    OpenEdge Audit
    Oracle Alert Log
    Oracle Auditor - Buffer - Extended Edition
    Oracle Auditor - Database
    Oracle Auditor - Database - Extended
    Oracle Auditor - Syslog
    Oracle Auditor - Syslog - Extended
    Oracle Auditor - Windows - Extended
    Postgres Log File
    SolarWinds LEM MSSQL Auditor
    MySQL Database Log
    E-MailIBM Domino AIX
    IceWarp Mail Server
    LOGbinder for Exchange
    Lotus Notes and Domino Server 8
    Lotus Notes Webmail
    Microsoft Exchange Application Log

    Microsoft Exchange Event Log

    Microsoft Exchange High Availability Log
    Microsoft Exchange Management Log
    Microsoft Exchange Message Tracking
    File Transfer & SharingAccellion Secure File Sharing Manager
    Cerberus FTP Server
    GoAnywhere Services
    OpenBSD FTPd
    WS_FTP Server Corporate
    DFS Replication
    EFT Server Enterprise Windows Application Log
    GENE6 Secure FTP Server Security
    GENE6 Secure FTP Server Transfer
    Globalscape EFT Client
    Globalscape Secure FTP (W3C Format)
    LOGbinder for Sharepoint LOGbder SP log
    LOGbinder for Sharepoint LOGbinder SP log
    LOGbinder for Sharepoint Security log
    Microsoft Offline Files
    Microsoft Windows Remote Management
    MOVEit Log
    MOVEit Windows Application Log
    Panzura Distributed File Services
    ProFTPD Access
    ProFTPD Auth
    Pure Storage Purity
    Serv-U FTP Server
    Serv-U MFT
    SmartFile Secure File Sharing
    SolarWinds SFTP/SCP Server
    Squadra secRMM
    Varonis File Monitoring
    WS_FTP Server Corporate
    FirewallsA10 Load Balancer and Web Application Firewall
    Applicure dotDefender
    AppWall Web Application Firewall
    Barracuda NG Firewall (Phion Netfence)
    Barracuda NG Firewall (Phion Netfence) Extended
    Barracuda Web Application Firewall
    Borderware Firewall
    Checkpoint 2200
    Checkpoint Edge X Firewall
    Checkpoint OPSEC NG LEA Client
    Checkpoint Safe@Office Firewall
    Cisco ASA
    Cisco Firesight
    Cisco SA500 Series Security Applicances
    Clavister Firewalls
    D-Link DFL Firewall
    Fortigate 5.0+
    GNAT Box System Software
    Hirschmann EAGLE System Industrial Firewall
    HP Firewall
    IBM DataPower
    Ingate Firewall
    IP Filter
    IPFire OpenSource Firewall Distribution
    Juniper NetScreen 5
    Juniper Virtual Gateway
    Kerio Controll Firewall
    McAfee Firewall v5.8 CEF
    McAfee ForcePoint Firewall
    Microsoft Forefront Theat Management Gateway
    Microsoft ISA
    Microsoft Windows Firewall w/Advanced Security
    Netgear FV Series
    Netscreen (Juniper SRX Firewall)
    Network Box RM300 and ITPE 1000
    Novell BorderManager
    OPSWAT Metadefender
    OSSEC Active Response Log
    Palo Alto Networks PA-2000 and PA-4000
    PF Sense Firewall/Router
    Sidewinder 6.1+ Firewall
    Sidewinder Firewall
    Sonicwall GMS
    Sophos (Astaro) Security Gateway
    Sophos XG Firewall
    StoneGate Firewall v5.3 CEF
    Storm Shield Netasq
    Symantec Velociraptor 1.5
    Symantec Velociraptor 2.0
    Symantec Velociraptor 3.0
    TippingPoint X505
    Titanium Mirror Firewall
    Tofino Firewall LSM for Industrial Networks
    Trend Deep Security
    Vmware vShield Edge Firewall
    WatchGuard Firewalls
    Windows Firewall
    Zywall Firewalls
    Identity and Access ManagementBioPassword
    Cisco (NAC) Network Access Control Appliance with Clean Access Manager (CAM) or Server (CAS) Software
    Cisco ACS
    Cisco ClearBox Enterprise RADIUS Server
    Cisco Customer Voice Portal
    Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE)
    Cisco Secure ACS 4.1 Syslog
    Cisco Secure ACS 5+ Syslog
    Cyber-Ark Vault
    DigitalPersona Pro
    e-DMZ Password Auto Repository
    Extreme Sentriant
    FutureX Excrypt
    IBM Tivoli Access Manager
    Juniper SBR
    Manage Engine Password Manager Pro SNMP
    Microsoft RRAS
    Microsoft Server NetLogon
    Microsoft Terminal Services Gateway
    Microsoft Terminal Services Local Session Manager
    Microsoft Terminal Services Remote Connection Manager
    Microsoft Windows Group Policy
    Net Access
    NetIQ Directory
    Novell Identity Audit DB
    Pleasant Password Server
    PointSec PC
    RSA Authentication Manager 7.1
    Safenet Authentication Service
    SanDisk CMC
    SecureAuth IDP
    SecureID Syslog
    Shibboleth Identity Provider
    Thycotic Secret Server
    Windows IAS and NPS System Log
    IDS and IPSActiveScout
    Cisco FirePower Module (Sourcefire 3D System)
    Cisco IDS/IPS v4/5.x
    Cisco IPS 5+ (SDEE)
    Dragon IDS
    Entrust Identity Guard
    GFI LANguard System Integrity Monitor
    IBM IPS XGS 3100
    ISS Proventia IPS
    ISS RealSecure IDS
    Juniper IDP 250 v5.0
    Juniper IDP 3.x
    Juniper IDP 4.0+
    McAfee Network Security Manager
    Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics
    NitroGuard IPS - Snort Format
    NitroSecurity IPS
    Osiris Host Integrity Monitoring System
    Radware Defense Pro
    Reflex IMC
    SecureAuth Error Logs
    SecureAuth Logging Audit Logs
    SecureNet IDS
    Sentinel IPS
    Symantec Gateway IDS
    Syslog Snort
    Tipping Point IPS 2.1
    TippingPoint Audit and System
    TippingPoint IPS 1.4
    TippingPoint SMS
    TopLayer Attack Mitigator
    Trend Micro Deep Discovery Inspector
    Trend Micro Interscan Gateway Security Appliance
    Tripwire Enterprise
    Network Access ControlAruba ClearPass Policy Manager
    Cisco Prime Security Manager
    Network ManagementAirwatch
    Arbor Pravail APS 2104
    Array Networks APV Series
    Aruba Airwave Management Platform
    Axcient Unified Management Console (UMC)
    Barracuda Load Balancer ADC
    Blue Coat Packet Shaper
    Cimcor CimTrak
    Cisco Wireless Access Point
    Cisco Wireless Control System
    Cisco Wireless LAN Controller SNMP Trap Logs
    Citrix XenMobile
    ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO)
    ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) 4.5+
    Fujitsu iRMC
    Juniper NSM
    Lancope Stealth Watch
    Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection
    Microsoft Network Profile
    NGINX Error Log
    SecureLink Device
    Solarwinds Orion and Virtualization Manager
    Survalent ADMS
    Titus Enterprise Information Protection
    Ubiquiti UniFi Wireless Access Point
    Network ServicesBarracuda
    Barracuda Admin
    Barracuda Mail Archiver
    Barracuda Spam Firewall
    CA BrightStor
    Calix Telecommunications
    Cisco Network Registrar
    Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Call Manager)
    Distil Networks
    DNS Bind
    Eaton Cooper Power Systems
    Gemalto SafeNet Luna
    KEMP User Log
    Infoblox NIOS
    Linux LDAP Access
    Linux LDAP Error
    Linux Sendmail
    Locum Real Time Monitor
    Microsoft Windows Activation Services
    Named BIND
    NetIQ eDirectory
    Oracle Acme Packet
    Quest Vmware vRanger
    Riverbed/Brocade Stingray
    SafeNet DataSecure Certificate Server
    SNMPD Daemon Messages
    Solarwinds Web Help Desk
    Symantec BackupExec System Recovery
    Symmetricom SyncServer
    WatchGuard Extensible Content Security (XCS) Auth Log
    WatchGuard Extensible Content Security (XCS) Syslog
    Windows DHCP Server
    Operating SystemsAIX Audit
    AIX Syslog
    FireEye Operating System
    FreeBSD Authentication
    HP OpenVMS 8+
    HP UX
    iSecurity for OS400 (Raz-Lee)
    Legacy TriGeo Agent AS400 Tool
    LEM FIM File and Directory
    LEM FIM Registry
    Linux Auditd
    Linux PAM
    Linux PAM Command
    LogAgent for OS400 (Patrick Townsend Security Solutions)
    Mac OS X
    Microsoft Cluster Services
    Microsoft Windows NTML
    MobileIron Assemble
    MobileIron VSP
    Novell Netware 6.5
    Novell Netware 6.5 (Database)
    PowerTech Interact
    Solaris 10 BSM Auditing
    Solaris 10 Snare Auditing
    SUDO Syslog
    vmWare ESX esxcfg-firewall log
    vmWare ESX messages log
    vmWare ESX secure log
    vmWare ESX vmkernel log
    vmWare ESX vmkwarning log
    vmWare ESXi Hostd log
    vmWare ESXi messages log
    vmWare ESXi vmkernel log
    Windows Application Log
    Windows Directory Service Audit Log
    Windows DNS Server Audit Log
    Windows DNS Server Log
    Windows DNS Server - Analytical
    Windows DNS Traffic Log
    Windows File Replication Service
    Windows Filtering Platform Events
    Windows Security Log
    Windows System Log
    Windows Task Scheduler
    Physical InfrastructureAPC InfraStruXure
    EMC Unity
    Fujitsu Blade Servers
    Grandstream Gateway
    Hitachi AMS
    HP BladeSystem Enclosure Auth Log
    HP BladeSystem Enclosure Local Log
    JACO CartCare
    Tripp Lite UPS
    Proxy Server and Content FiltersForcepoint Triton AP-Web
    Squid Access Log
    Squid Guard Access Block Log
    Symantec Web Security for Windows
    Actiance Unified Security Gateway
    Barracuda Web Filter
    Blue Coat Proxy SH Web Access
    Blue Coat ProxySG
    Cisco Content Security and Control Security Services Module 6.1-6.2
    Cisco Content Security and Control Security Services Module 6.3+
    Clearswift Secure Email Gateway
    Fortiweb Web Application Firewall
    Ironport Email Security Appliance
    Ironport Web Security
    McAfee Email Gateway
    McAfee Web Gateway v6.x
    McAfee Web Gateway v7.x
    Sonicwall Email Security
    SolarWinds Mail Assure
    Sophos ES Appliance
    Sophos ES Appliance Auth
    Sophos WS Appliance
    St.Bernard iPrism
    Symantec Secure Web Gateway
    Trend Micro IWSVA
    Websense Security Gateway Anywhere
    Websense Web Filter and Websense Security Database
    Websense Web Filter and Websense Web Security
    Router/Switches3Com Switch
    Adtran Atlas Switch
    Adtran NetVanta Router
    Aerohive Switches and Routers
    Alcatel Lucent OmniSwitch
    Allied Telesis Routers and Switches
    Arista Switches
    Aruba Wireless Access Point 3.x
    Aruba Wirless Access Point
    Avaya/Nortel VSP 7000 Ethernet Routing Switch
    Blade RackSwitch
    Brocade Iron Series
    Brocade VDX Switches
    Brocade Vyatta Router
    Cisco CatOS
    Cisco IOS
    Cisco Integrated Services Router
    Cisco Nexus NX-OS
    Cisco Small Business 30 Series Managed Switch
    Cisco Wireless LAN Controller & IOS-XE Software
    Dell Force10 Switches
    Dell N Series Switches
    Dell PowerConnector Switches
    Enterasys C-Series & N-Series Switches
    Enterasys IdentiFi Wireless Controller
    Extreme Switches
    Extreme VSP Switches
    Hirschmann OpenRail System Compact Switch
    HP MSM700 Series Controller
    HP ProCurve 1910-24G-PoE Switch
    HP ProCurve Switches Firmware F.05.65+ ZI Series
    Huawei Switches
    Juniper JUNOS
    Juniper Pulse Gateway
    Meru Wireless Controllers
    MetaSwitch Universal Media Gateway
    Mikrotik Routers
    Motorola WLAN Controller
    Motorola WS2000 SNMP
    Netgear Switch
    Nortal Ethernet Routing Switch 4500 Series
    Nortel Baystack
    Nortel Contivity 200 Series
    Nortel WLAN Security Switch
    Proxim Orinoco WAP
    Qlogic Fibre Channel Switch
    Raritan Dominion Switch
    Ruckus ZoneDirector WLAN Controller
    RuggedCom Switch
    Silver Peak WAN Accelerator
    Telco Switch
    Xirrus WiFi Array
    Zyxel P-660-HW-T
    ZyXel XGS4528F
    Security and UTMCyberoam UTM
    Cyphort Threat Protection
    Endian UTM
    Enforcive Enterprise Security
    FireEye HX
    FireEye Malware Protection System
    FortiGate 2.5
    Fortigate 2.8+
    Fortigate 300C
    FortiMail Email Security Appliances
    McAfee Network and Security Platform (IntruShield)
    Meraki MX
    Proofpoint Enterprise Protection
    SmoothWall Unified Threat Manager
    Sophos UTM
    WatchGuard Firebox
    WatchGuard Firebox X Edge E-Series
    WatchGuard SOHO
    WatchGuard Xcore
    Zscaler Web Security\Advanced Security
    StorageDell Equallogic SAN Systems
    Fujitsu Eternus Storage
    HPE StorageWorks Modular Smart Array
    HPE 3PAR StoreServ
    IBM NetApp ONTAP
    Nimble SAN
    QNAP NAS/File Server
    SwitchesAXIA Ethernet Switch
    System Scan ReportersForeScout CounterACT NAC
    Nessus Security Scanner
    Patchlink Vulnerability Scanner
    QualysGuard Scan Report
    Rapid7 NeXpose Vulnerability Scanner
    VPN and Remote AccessArray Networks SPX
    Azure Multi Factor Authentication Server
    Barracuda SSL VPN Connector
    Cisco VPN
    Citrix Secure Access Gateway
    Citrix XenDesktop
    Citrix XenServer Auth log
    Citrix XenServer Daemon log
    Corente AWB
    FirePass SSL VPN
    Neo Accel SSL VPN
    Neoteris VPN/Juniper SA Series
    Netgear SSL VPN Concentrator SSL312
    Netilla VPN
    Nortel Contivity
    Permeo VPN
    Pulse Secure
    Riverbed Steelhead WAN Optimization
    Sonicwall Aventail SSL VPN E-Class
    SonicWall E-Class SRA
    Sonicwall SSL VPN
    VMware Horizon 7
    WatchGuard vClass
    WatchGuard vClass (Alarm)
    WatchGuard vClass (VPN)
    Web ServerAnyEvent
    Apache Tomcat
    ASC Config
    Common Daemon
    Guidewire Software
    Incapsula Web Application Firewall
    Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway 2010
    Microsoft Forefront TMG 2010 Web Proxy (W3C Server file format)
    Microsoft IIS FTP Server 5+
    Microsoft IIS FTP Server 7.0
    Microsoft IIS Web Server 5 - 8.5
    Microsoft IIS Configuration Log
    Microsoft IIS Windows Event Log
    Milestone Xprotect
    NetMotion Mobility Server
    NetMotion Mobility Warehouse
    NGINX Error Log
    Tomcat Escalation Assignement Aborted Event
    Trustwave Web Defend
    Websphere 7