Version 6
    Currently supported Operating System connectors are:



    AIX Audit
    AIX Syslog

    Debian 8.8 DPKG Logs
    FireEye Operating System
    FreeBSD Authentication
    HP OpenVMS 8+
    HP UX
    iSecurity for OS400 (Raz-Lee)
    Legacy TriGeo Agent AS400 Tool
    LEM FIM File and Directory
    LEM FIM Registry
    Linux Auditd
    Linux PAM
    Linux PAM Command
    LogAgent for OS400 (Patrick Townsend Security Solutions)
    Mac OS X
    Microsoft Cluster Services
    Microsoft Windows NTLM

    Microsoft Windows Remote Management
    MobileIron Assemble
    MobileIron VSP
    Novell Netware 6.5
    Novell Netware 6.5 (Database)
    PowerTech Interact
    Solaris 10 BSM Auditing
    Solaris 10 Snare Auditing
    SUDO Syslog
    vmWare ESX esxcfg-firewall log
    vmWare ESX messages log
    vmWare ESX secure log
    vmWare ESX vmkernel log
    vmWare ESX vmkwarning log
    vmWare ESXi Hostd log
    vmWare ESXi messages log
    vmWare ESXi vmkernel log
    Windows Directory Service Audit Log
    Windows DNS Server Audit Log

    Windows DNS Server - Analytical
    Windows DNS Server Log
    Windows DNS Traffic Log
    Windows File Replication Service
    Windows Filtering Platform Events
    Windows Security Log
    Windows System Log
    Windows Task Scheduler