Version 8

    Perimeter Router Security Technical Implementation Guide Cisco:  Version: 8:  Release: 30:  27 Jul 2018


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    You will need to create TWO Custom Properties for your Cisco Devices.


    Name the first column "Device_Type" and include the following drop-down selections:


    L2SW  -  Layer 2 Switches

    IL3S     -  Infrastructure Layer 3 Switches

    IRTR    -  Infrastructure Routers

    PL3S   -  Perimeter Layer 3 Switches

    PRTR   -  Perimeter Routers

    IS4K    -  ISR 4000 Series Routers

    ASA    -  ASA Firewalls


    Name the second custom property "OS" and include the following drop-down selections:


    OSXE  -  To support IOS and OS-XE devices

    NXOS  -  To support Nexus OS

    ASA    -  To support ASA OS

    IS4K  -   To support ISR Series Routers


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    Network Perimeter Router Cisco Version 8: Release 29: 27 Apr 2018


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