Version 11
    Currently supported Application connectors are:



    .NET Sylog Client
    Application and Services Logs - CertificateServicesClient-Lifecycle-System
    Application and Services Logs - CertificateServicesClient-Lifecycle-User

    Blue Eye Video Management
    Bomgar Appliance
    BST Enterprises
    Bunyan Admin/DS Logging
    Cimcor CimTrak
    Cron Service
    Dameware Remote Administration
    DAX Monitor - Demand AnalytX Monitor
    DB2 Diag Local File - Non Syslog
    Dell AppAssure
    Directory Synchronization
    FactoryTalk View
    Flex Teller
    GE PowerON Reliance/XA21
    Honeyd Virtual Honeypot

    Hitachi JP1

    Hyper-V Hypervisor - Operational

    Hyper-V Integration - Admin

    Hyper-V SynthNic - Admin

    Hyper-V VMMS - Admin

    Hyper-V VMMS - Networking

    Hyper-V VMMS - Operational

    Hyper-V Worker - Admin

    IBM RACF and DB2 Syslog
    IBM RACF Messages
    Jboss Logging
    Linux YUM
    Luminis Access
    Luminis CP
    Made2Manage ERP
    Manage Engine Password Manager Pro
    Meditech EMR Access Log

    Microsoft Powershell 5.0

    Micorosft Lync/Skype for Business
    Microsoft Windows AppLocker - EXE and DLL
    Microsoft Windows AppLocker - MSI & Script

    OnBase Enterprise Information Platform
    OracleFM Hyperion
    Print Services for Windows 7/2008 (Admin)
    Print Services for Windows 7/2008 (Operational)

    Quest Rapid Recovery
    QCSI Application Log Data
    QCSI Data Logs
    QCSI System Logs
    Salient Commerical Solutions
    Savant Protection

    SecureEnvoy Secure Access
    Sourceforge Denyhosts Log
    Subnet Power System
    Symantec Protection Engine

    Sysinternals Sysmon

    Verint Systems
    Wescom Resources Groups Host Gateway Windows Log

    VMware vCenter 6.0+ VPXD Log
    Windows Active Directory Federation Services
    Windows DHCP Server 2000/2003/2008 event Log (Admin)
    Windows DHCP Server 2000/2003/2008 event Log (Operational)