Version 1

    Hello Guys,

    I am back again with a custom powershell script based SAM template, this time to monitor TCP Port Status on a machine.

    SAM Template is attached below, import that template and provide below details-


    Script Arguments : Server IP or FQDN,Port Number

    Server IP/FQDN : This is the machine IP address or fqdn whose port you want to monitor.

    Port Number : This is the port number on the machine that you want to check.


    Assign the template on a node from where you want to check the port on a remote machine i.e. assign node will act as the source of the request to a port on a remote/target machine.



    Application will show as down if port is Up and running, yaa you read it correctly this template is to show reverse status of the port functioning.

    Application will show as UP if port is not working.


    Note: You can modify the script if you want application status to be as same as port status, but for that reason we already have default SAM template to monitor TCP/IP port status.