Version 5

    Identify Cisco Firepower 4100 Series Firewall


    Identify Cisco Firepower chassis 4110, 4120, or 4140, Machine Type as "Cisco Firepower 41__ Chassis" or "Cisco Firepower 41__ Firewall" rather than just "Cisco".

    This poller will differentiate between the chassis and the logical device running on that chassis assuming that both the chassis and the logical device are unique managed nodes.


    NPM-FirepowerChassisNodeDetailsSanitized.png NPM-FirepowerVM-NodeDetailsSanitized.png


    Poller created with NPM 11.5.3, Orion Platform 2015.1.3.

    Confirmed functionality on NPM 12.1, Orion Platform 2017.1.3 SP3.


    Update 11 December  2017:  Now that I have some 4140's online I discovered a bug with identifying the 4140 FTD image.

    The sysObjectId for a FTD on a 4140 returns "2315", but the poller was looking for "315" instead.  This has been corrected in the new file uploaded as of this date.