Version 15

    Welcome to the NPM Beta Forum, and thank you again agreeing to help us with the SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor 12.2 Beta. Beta 2 is now available for download and includes several exciting new features which we are eager to receive feedback on.  As always, we ask that you post this beta feedback here in the NPM Beta forum on Thwack.


    A few reminders about betas:

    • Betas cannot be installed on the production system you have running today.
    • You cannot upgrade from a beta to any other release (beta, RC, or GA).
    • Betas are not officially supported. You cannot contact SolarWinds Technical Support regarding issues encountered in the beta. All beta support is provided through
    • Running the Beta in an offline environment with no Internet connectivity? An offline installer is available upon request. Simply direct message me and state that you require an offline installer.




    Beta 2 includes everything in beta 1 plus:

    • Additions to Network Insight for ASA:
      • Summary sub-view
        • Completion of the "Details" widget
        • Load Summary resource with spark charts covering concurrent connection count, CPU, and RAM.
        • Status timeline
        • Active alerts
        • Connection failure rate
      • Interfaces sub-view: more data about ASA interfaces
      • Site-to-site VPN sub-view: now includes down and inactive tunnels, so all tunnels should be displayed
    • NEC QX Series device support
    • More stuff to be documented shortly!
    • Additional Web Interface Improvements  


    Beta 1 includes:

    • Network Insight for ASA (not yet complete)

      • This is an early preview of a work in progress feature.  You will notice blank areas and incomplete functionality.  Don't worry.  We're still working!
      • CLI based polling supplementing ICMP and SNMP for advanced monitoring
      • Newly added ASAs will be assigned a unique view with a set of sub-views tailored to monitoring ASAs out of the box
      • Summary sub-view including a new "Details" widget designed to replace several resources on the out of the box Node Details view.  Did you know "resources" in the new UI framework are called "widgets"?  Now you do!
      • Platform sub-view
        • High availability monitoring
        • Better hardware health coverage.  Are all of your ASA's components showing up?  Tell me if not.
        • RAM and CPU shown in the new charting framework, powered by PerfStack.
      • Interfaces sub-view: a brand new full page view of your ASA's interfaces
      • Site to Site VPN tunnels sub-view: a brand new full page view of your ASA's VPN tunnels.
      • Remote Access VPN sub-view: a brand new full page view of your ASA's Remote Access tunnels.
    • New Installer

      • Modern interface with a simplified design and intuitive workflow
      • Downloads and installs only what is needed
        • Reduces download size & accelerates installation
    • PerfStack 2.0

      • Real-Time Polling
      • Support for visualizing both Syslog and SNMP-Traps in PerfStack
      • Zoom into PerfStack charts to view more detail for the selected time period
      • Data Explorer
        • Select a single data point or time range to see additional detail
          • View full Syslog message detail for the selected time range
          • View full SNMP-Trap message detail for selected time range
          • View full Orion Event details for select time range
      • Alert visualization improvements
        • Each individual alert start/end time is now visualized separately in PerfStack
        • Existing aggregate alert visualization against an object is retained
      • Export PerfStack data to Excel
      • Share PerfStack functionality more discoverable with new ‘Share’ button.
    • Windows Authentication support for Orion Microsoft SQL database connectivity

    • Web Interface Improvements

    • ARM Linux Agent - Linux Agent for ARM based devices such as Raspberry Pi



    You may notice things outside of this content are broken.  That's okay!  The beta has not gone through testing that will find and fix those problems.  For now, you can focus on the content above and give your feedback on things like the following:

    • What do you like?  What do you dislike?
    • What's missing?  What's superfluous?
    • What appears like it should work, but doesn't for you?


    I sit at my keyboard eagerly awaiting your feedback!