Version 2

    This particular Cisco ASA Template is to be use solely as an alternate to the Default Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Template in NCM 7.6 and in conjunction with KB: NCM Download Configuration jobs do not complete or return data - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support


    Only "need" to use this Device Template that is actually using the Default Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Device Template and having issues with Downloading configs in NCM 7.6.

    Unless one is using an ASA template to grab Contexts, this is a perfectly legitimate template to use.

    Do use this Template:

    On NCM 7.6 and the ASAs are currently set to use the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Device Template

    On NCM 7.6 and the ASAs are set to use Auto Determine

    How do you know what it is set to:

    Edit the Node via Node Management, go to the bottom in the NCM Details 'Communications' section.




    Part 1:

    1. Download this Device Template
    2. Copy the Cisco ASA template to the Desktop of the machine they are access the Orion Web Console from
    3. In the Web Navigate to Settings>NCM Settings>Device Templates (in the Advanced Setting resource)
    4. In the Device Template Management section, select Import
    5. Browse to the Cisco ASA Template on the Desktop
    6. Submit
    7. Set the Default Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance template to be set to not be used for Auto Determine


    Part 2:

    1. From the Orion Web Console go to the Configuration Management Section
    2. Group by Machine Type
    3. Select All of the Cisco ASAs (there may be several listings – Cisco ASA 5505, 5585 and so on)
    4. Edit properties
    5. In the Communication section, set them all to use the Cisco ASA template
    6. Be sure to verify there are no other ASAs that may had been misidentified, listed as a Machine Type ‘Cisco’ or otherwise only set to ICMP for monitoring.
    7. Download a new config for all of them to verify they are working with the template



    About the attached template.

    1. I listed a command more system:running-config that is remarked out
      1. This line can replace the standard for those that may already have this.
      2. Just need to move it up and remark out the original Download Config Command line
    2. The command for <Command Name="CollectStatistic" Value="show access-list"/> is in the template, but it has been remarked out
      1. <!--<Command Name="CollectStatistic" Value="show access-list"/>-->
      2. When NCM 7.7 is released one simply needs to edit this template and remove the Preceeding <!—and the tailing -- >
      3. Resulting in the valid command:  <Command Name="CollectStatistic" Value="show access-list"/>