Version 1

    The usual way of customizing a view was though the "Customize Page" link, where you could add a subview, add a column, set the column width and add a resource. For this walk-through, I've created "My New Fancy Subview" as a starting point. In the past we have referred to these pieces of content as "Resources" but are now starting to call them "Widgets."


    Legacy Customize Page



    Rather than the "Customize Page" link in the upper right, you can access the Customize Page workflow through the pencil in the upper left. Please ensure that you've logged in on an account that has the right to Customize Views.


    Edit Edit with no Subviews configured
    In this Beta, there's a known issue where a user without Customize View rights and no Subviews would still see a left panel. This will be fixed in a future version.
    NOC Views do not have the side panel when Subviews are not configured.


    In the Customize Page workflow, you can exit by clicking "Done Editing." It is possible to access the old "Customize Page" through the "Page Settings" link to your left. Clicking "Add Widgets" in the upper right will open the "Widget Drawer."


    Customize Page Workflow


    Hovering over the edge of any widget will allow you to drag and resize, with a tool-tip to provide guidance on the pixel size. There is no longer a need to input exact column widths, and you can resize easily.


    Resize your column width


    Clicking on "Add Widgets" it is possible to drag the widget that you choose to the dashboard, and it will be populated with the data available from your system. In addition, there's no need to add a new column manually. By dragging a widget into the space to the right of the existing widgets, it will automatically create a new column (maximum 6) to hold the widget.


    Drag and drop a widget to your view
    drag .gif



    Within the widget drawer, we've added the ability for you to favorite your most used widgets. Click on Favorites to access them at any time. In addition, you can always sort within a Group By Type to bring your favorites to the top of the list.


    Widget Drawer with Group By Type - Favorites Selected Widget Drawer with Group By Type - Custom Resources Selected - Sorter


    Don't forget, for those power users who know exactly what they're looking for, we have ensured that you can search and select the precise widget needed for your custom view.




    After customizing your view to your exact needs, click "Done Adding Widgets" -> "Done Editing" to enjoy the fruits of your labor.